Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DRINK MORE WATER (note to self)

Really lame.

If you want my opinion.

They're setting up the KMART fair as we speak.

I take it all back. Aqua blue. I need to go buy some blue.
I feel sick and I'm not going to finish this.
My ears hurt.
Hey, that's hilarious.
I should wash my face, brush my teeth,
put in some laundry, and do some yoga.
Breathe deep lil C.
Clear the past, Earth Day is tomorrow
and everyday after that.

Splash my face with shit.

This is sad, and or, bad.

But here are some cool images.

I thought you knew what sexy was, I'm so glad you don't.
It's 4:20 on 4/21/10 and my bedroom is too small, and I still live
at my parents, and my money tree is dead, I mine as well throw it out.
But there is a little marijuana tree growing where i put a seed, that's
kinda funny. The hollerboard is funny. I need to drink more water,
she's drinking coffee, so i should too?
vaccuum and put down new carpetting,
boheimenian modern weed chic.

totally kwl.
OPPS I MEan... ready 4 the house.

i feel sick again.

via- reference library. this is what i need for the corner of my room. yep!

orange rocks

Love was just a Saturday.
Tomorrow up the hill and into
the sun. When will it rain, if it rains,
and how long? Heavy? The river was
really low, yesterday. Throwing those rocks.
I felt sick. Sicker
Super love,
on Fallon.
Was that a repeat?