Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(((((CASUAL)))))))) _

17 times until it hurts.
i just wanted tonight to end.
now it will!
tomorrow tomorrow morrow snowboard
flutter flakes. blue and teal
sea foam green,
foam bathmat green
and i can't spell.
i can't spell the thoughts
she felt and things he said
the things she felt. 17 times whatever
whenever where ever. sunburnt in march
forever and ever.
parliment. tomorrow.
every last time, last chance, last
ditch effort, the best sunglasses,
i ever bought.

terrible one, bmx.

the rain came down, and
i almost,
seventeen feet of snow
melting in the parking lot.
matt + amanda, stuck in the mud,
i got them out.
17 times sal hit the ping pong ball,
17 x awesome.
his girlfriend.
17 times.
coca cola and tomarrow.
the fun store.
the wood shop.
the lumber yard.
or ronalds.
or whatever.
17 dates i asked myself on
and never showed up. 17 times yesterday
to rewind your mind.
15 new people.
18 new tracks.
4 new records. a promise not worth
the ringing phone
in the backyard
on englewood's
station wagon,
bike project,
spray paint job.

an empty room with carpet,
and things all over the floor, around
the futon,
and bedstand, and alarm clock,
record player,
clothes in the closet
and a broken heart.

whatever whenever,
remember whenever.

17 times never.