Sunday, February 21, 2010

An unexpected treat from Ramp recordings, dropping a Dave Aju remix of the Clouds track, 'Timekeeping'. House heads will probably know Dave from his Circus Company anthem 'Crazy Place', but he's taken a different tack with this one sailing between zig-zagging synth squiggles and a coarsely textured rhythm occupying a niche between skanky house and wonky hiphop. It's as odd as it sounds, and actually good enough to justify the one-sided pressing.

((((((real fucking mountains)))))))))

eating mother fucking


in the fucking mountains....
... olive orchards stream bright, straight
down, to your left.
cyclops's revenge on bullshit.
he doesn't give a fuck about,
your stupid ass party and art show.
he's fucking cyclops. he lives in a cave
and eats, whatever he wants.

the beautiful bus
turned round and round
the town and cliff
it could be found.

the sun hang low and light and wide
the stars burned brightly deep inside
a couple bunk beds
puke galour
i think i saw it
on the floor

((((next holiday season))))

next holiday season, cracking skulls.
what do you really want? money, fame, fortune.
you're fucking broke dude.
you're ugly.
you dress like shit.
you look like shit.
you can't run a mile
or bust that move.
you're all tuckered out.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ money funny money.
that mother fucking batman money.
mother fucking disbelievers can't keep me down for shit.
i make this, i get this, i use this, to make this, REPEAT.
relate and create. coffee and french chocolate.
sucking on some french chocolate, laying
on the floor.
the fuck.

read heads ain't shit bitch.

((((erryday is like sunday))())

get away from me you piece of shit
get out of my face
hide hide hide hide hide.
your stupid party, you won't get laid
no-one will.
this shit won't get you laid, it sucks.
your shit won't get you paid, it sucks.
barcelona, sao paolo, $$$$$$$$
helsinki, stockholm, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
the fuck with what you heard
no wammies no wammies
wut up wut up chicken fuck butt?