Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(((((((((cjs financial tips)))))))

how to save money the fun way:

first write down ALL the ways and things you spend too much money on (or that you spend more than you would like to.)

start crossing off the things you REALLY don't need to be spending money on... usually in the past this would be things like, drugs, alcohol, the strip club, and other things that don't really make your life better. quit buying your own drugs and alcohol, it will make the times that people give them to you for free, more fun and enjoyable!

the next thing you probably spend too much money on is food...
... food ads up. you must eat a good variety of food to keep happy and healthy.
i used to spend too much on junk food. i cut that out, saving money, and eating better, which in turn after a while, made me feel better!

now the part gets tricky, when you realize it's a bunch of unexpected costs, and material items you purchased... sometimes i have a major craving for some new clothes and personal items. due to my low income and other factors, buying new clothes is not really an option right now. so what do i do? fix up my old clothes, wear them in new ways, put new life into them. this can also be done with material items. go through an old shoe box, find something you forgot about it, clean and re-enjoy it! sounds lame, until you try it...

now figure out ways you can cut cost on food and typical living expenses... make planned visits to friends and family for free meals, is a good one. if you see a friend or family member ask them if they have any toiletries that they might have bought in bulk that they could donate to you... or any other small household items you might need. every time i visit a close friend or when i'm looking around my parents house, and find something that i could use that looks like it is about to be thrown away, i ask if i can have it! there is no shame in the three Rs. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE. the environment will also thank you, which should really make you happy!

i once heard that people who use their debit cards out with them, instead of only bringing the exact amount of cash they plan on spending, over-spend and spend up to 30% more than planned. food for thought!

if you factor in all these things, you will start saving money, and feel better about doing so, and also put more focus into the little things that make life better! and free!

now if you can curve these actions, along with the ultimate, which is, making slightly more money than you do now, you're wallet will thank you! the best way to save money, is to not spend it at all!