Saturday, January 02, 2010

((((((((((((nova scotia)))))))

super duper magic insomnia
champagne super nova in the sky
with a full bright moon / and a sunny snowy slide
my little orphan,
in the orphanage.
it was pretty and a little too pretty,
and so pretty,
i would cry.
i loved it.
i love it.
i love them.
i love her.
i love him.
and not a worry about a thing.
27 is the new 17.
and when i'm 28, that
will be the new 18.
i'll get my drivers license late
i'll buy myself a car.
you look so beautiful,
minus the herpe sores.
opps my bad, that was just lip gloss glare
that song freaked me out.
why'd u have to kiss me,
that was rape. i was drunk.

and i got the most beautiful socks.
i could listen to your voice forever on repeat.
and julia and sabby and jenny and steven.
i didn't notice
the sweat.
i cleaned the worst of it.
i'm so happy, i could be so happy.
i'm not dumb, maybe just happy.
i like hitting the cue ball. i thought it would be funny to pretend to drop all the pool balls
on the floor of the bar. i was sober, and the jokes kept coming. it fun to watch your friends drink.
when you're not. there's magic in the air and 2010 and here! i'm slowly cleaning my room.
i would like to go to the post office tomarrow. i would like to go here and there and be safe.
coyote cleaned it up. the coyote clean it up for me. i'm not the one who cleaned it up, are you the one who cleaned it up? no no no no. the mess we made in bed today, can't explain.

i'll reclaim what i lost
that's my fuel
i feel stronger when i think about it.
there's a new bag out there for me.
there's two of the most beautiful bags in the world and i will find them
once again. and i'll never cry like i did in the car that saturday.

we have a pet fish, but i want more.
my stuffed animals talk to me they are cool.
wait no i guess i talk to them, they don't talk to me.
it's fun to stay up late. it's like magic.
yoga in my bedroom.
yoga on the floor.
the fan was always on.
my parents know i'm still awake.
i should cook the cornmeal muffins.
i should cook the blueberry muffins.
i should use the blueberry jam and the blueberry syrup.
i've got a date with the night.
imma kiss kids dry.
i'll write everyone thank you notes.
like jimmy fallon did once on his show.
i'll dance on the floor,
i'll sleep in my bed.