Sunday, December 06, 2009

((((((//theres just something about this sweater weather//))))

now i know how johnny rotten feels

crash bang smash

kick punch
its all in the mind
if u wanna test me
im sure your find

it looks fine but it
feels kinda
messed up

screaming while driving
breaking glass bottles



((((when the dawn melts ice cream like luv)))))))))

i want to
go to the movies
in the middle
of the week

i should
wax and sharpen
my snowboard

i'm so sleepy,
it feels so good
i'm so sleepy,
i'll sleep in my hood

hooded sweatshirt
on the run.
super prowl
breakfast bun.

i'm so happy,
i could cry.
jump around,
toocan fly.

sarah sandy
ann marie
kimmie got the
best of me.

i'm so mellow
i could groove
i'm so sleepy
i can't move.

i like magic,
i like fun.
you'll always be,
my # 1.


I flew like a rabbit, i flew like a fox,
i flew like a toocan, i live in a box.
Seven Sundays in a row, i'm was listening to the Cardigans
And then i fell a sleep. A hilarious text message,
that i didn't understand.
I laughed at my own jokes in a mirror.
I look at the reflection of my eyes in the mirror
and stare straight into them. Then i flow around like
a toocan. Gay bar gay bar. This gay bar is cooler then
that straight bar, that straight bar is soooooo gay.

Then i saw a moose.
First time i saw a moose, he was so big.
so majestic. what on earth was he doing?
rocky and bulwinkel quickly came to mind.
if you don't mind, i don't
mind, and i think that's fine.
..then i found a dead moose,
his skull was huge and his hooves were too.
i should have taken his hooves but they were
kind of grimy. i think the wolves had been picking
on him. this was on isle royal.

i found this area that looked like an outdoor stage.
a small clearing in the pine trees, up a little hill,
a big flat area with soft moss ground, and then a flat rock
area, with a tall wall/clift of a bigger bolder. someone
should play music or do a play or read poems there.
i guess it would have to be acoustic.

this was a neat time in my life.
i thought about

i walked as fast as i could up and down trails and it
made my legs and feet burn.
i was
almost going
crazy. i didn't have headphones.

i didn't have an ipod
i guess they weren't invented yet
the first iPod was released on october 23, 2001 i think
so i guess this was the last weekend in may?

i never had an old ipod
but i've had three iShuffle, the small rectangular ones.
one silver one i got for xmas.
it broke i think?
one hot pink one i like, threw in someone's garden i passed out
in or puked on it.
and now i have another hot pink one.

sometimes i think about money and it
makes me sad. sometimes i think about money
and it makes me happy.

i try to keep a positive mindset at
all times. you can complain about what you don't have
u can
give thanks
for what you do have.

and that's everythine to me.

i got this red shiny adidas track shorts.
red and white. man i like them.
they were $2.99. where you ask?
the salvation

i want your salvation.
i want you, to want me.


nokia makes me feel comfortable.

The name of the town, Nokia, originated from the river which flowed through the town. The river itself, Nokianvirta, was named after the archaic Finnish word originally meaning a small, dark-furred animal that lived on the banks of the Nokianvirta river.


so weird.

Nokia's history starts in 1865. so wild.
wiki it

pretty funny the way
things work.

i will have a great week,
and so