Tuesday, December 01, 2009


my horoscope was right
; a boulder up a hill.
but i got a cheap
nokia phone.
at least that was chill. ;
hall and oats.

; and i have hall and oats

so today,
keep shifting your focus
from your inner world to
(((external events)))).

make the
most of your day.
catch a mouse in the hay
dock the boat in the bay
breath in deep the ocean spray

the moon was so full in the still lit light to dark blue sky after i went to the liquor store (mistake #2) - i didn't notice it til then - it's full tonight alright alright alright ; Bitter Moon ; Snow Moon ; Sassafras Moon ; Cold Moon ; Oak Moon ; Long Night Moon ; : ; : ; : and then i talked to jubilee on FB and it made my nite ; g *nite!

// nurse rk \\

time to mix it up
fix up some people
and leave the internet behind
back 2 school
back to school shopping

i wanna work on something better
that means something
chomp chomp

maybe next year
or the year after
2012 maybe

shark doctor?
witch doctor
which doctor?

shark nurse
or people nurse