Sunday, November 29, 2009

(((((((((breakout blaster))))))))

what did
the orange
say to the
other orange?


orange u glad we're

two questions: one joke.

coffee, arby's, pepsi,
kombucha, peanut butter and j e l l y
cheese eats, b l a c kberries,
tea, some herbs, vitamins, 'n p i l l s .
i forgot to buy my s o a p ,
orange u glad ur not me?
captain jazz set sail on the sea.


and fingers
obscene. chipmunks
and tree trunks zig zag
through the scene.
i'll never know u if you never
know me, tonites that night
i can't wait to fall a sleep.
tropical thunder and blacktop blunder,
bricks and cement and a cute need for speed.
i'll spare my knees, palms and bruised hips.
courderoy tweed and woolen knit needs.
blinking and breath,
flip through
the breeze.
----- acidic
oranges and calico
time robots,
they don't mean a thing_
trees and trees and leave and leaves.
i saw some lil yellow leaves on a tree's
: knees. the bee's knees, the cute sneeze.
frost fell down in rain
fallen leaves clogged the drain
a swell-bo bump from drunken pain
skateboarding over the greektown drain
it's all the same
in the rain when
the game is look-at-that-airplane.
;;;;;; and white wood
gets painted white
and canvases clogging up
the night. fever and a doobie doo.
my three sons and you.
;;; so the black rat snake
popped out of the bushes and a
cute little chipmunk said hello
the mongoose cornered the rat
and bit him in the face and blood
flew everywhere
and all
country mice
they opened champagne
and it got drained. everyone was
laughing and weed flew around in the air
in smoke form. a green foam snake popped out
of the drain outside it was freezing and he said
hello. but then it got warmer, didn't u know?
there's 17 species of snakes in michigan. when the leaves
drip dirty deeds done dirt cheap creep kittens with magical
baby blue snowflake mittens and going to sleep is the very best
dream and i'll prank call u if you prank call me.

a parking lot filled with
new christmas trees.