Sunday, November 22, 2009

(((doing it tomarrow)

i luv
my soap!
from India.
simply sleep
i went to buy riser pads
i wanted these ones

but they didn't have em. i got see through blue LUCKY ones. they are pretty.
they are 1/8th inch sick. when i put them inbetween my truck and board, and put on
my 60 mm spitfire wheels with rollerblade bearings, i'll be flying. orange
. where did i get the wheels? sara
this dude, i always forgot his name. blackberries
he had them at rama's old trails on the hillside jessikkka
by the lake, in seattle. silver cross
..they were in the dirt, under a log, vampire killer
when he pulled them out, it was like, lucky star
dealing wild mushrooms. he cardigan
gave them to me watermellon.
for free.
i haven't had the urge to ride them.
til now.
so the moon was a cresent, and the stars where bright,
and i went freestyle walking.
last night i only had two drinks, and watched some of
SNL and talked to eric a lot.
30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 248,
the cop said, something about,
u would
grow out of,
some problem,
by the time ur 30. super
i cut a few pills in half with
my super sharp knife.
damn i feel great.
...then, i went freestyle walking with snowboarding gloves on
and a gray snowflake sweater, i was bmxing for a while, but did
all i could. i jumped off some stairs, freestyle walking not really talking.
robbie called me during a nap, so did eric, i was fine.
saliva swap sweet dreams. blue
she had black hair. what color berries
eyes? hazel like me? blowing it off
i winked at this girl. fluffy big nordic dawg
i had my beanie on clear blue
skull cap? every color metalic, rainblow
i wink with my left eye. visionary good & evil
lisa left eye. warning, baker sold here. shake wut?
lopez. n roc's new sk8 line, and mine, vs. mine.
no neon palms, frosty ferns.
pez, sara, jessikka, parker, and bo.
. coffee, tea, or ginger ale
green, neon pink, blue, and white
talking to a friend, sweater in the shower.
rolled up bed time, white dog, tow rats, ginea pig.
singing along, silver foxes, golden teardrops;;;;
weaping willow
neon tears.