Wednesday, November 18, 2009

((((good job big R))))))

when i was at the skatepark this kid had cut his lip.
so that's when i tried my hardest, do to another trick.
diplo's on a rooftop party. i finish art and life.
i finished up my music,
i blah blah blah blah blah.
hee hee hoe hoe hoe.
good & evil is an
awesome video.
my pet adventure mouse is
sitting right on top of it
robbie j j let me barrow it.
... vitamins vitamins, how many vitamins?
steven's in the new dig bmx,
i think they called me christina.
= it is hilarious interview and i told
my dad all about it.
= he said why didn't u buy it i said
it was $8.50. lily fed me french fries.
i lost all my friends to distance, i lost all my
friends to distance. they are far away. far far away.
i got in trouble. i'm not a mouse! i'm trying to so hard
to make this poem good it sucks! maybe if i type faster.
steven's picture is really cool, i think he's in the death bowl.
he looks like a bad ass. he is on a roll.
i pushed mongo and regular on my skateboard half and half
today. i went as fast as i could down this thing and i must have looked
cool i felt like i was surfing, that's stupid i sucked.
eric called me during a nap.
haha. i must have sounded like a dick.
no lily is in the bathtub.
u fuck with me you fucked yourself.
fucking it up.
the cake was good and i have
two donuts for the morning.
next two mornings.
when i woke up from
my nappy nap
i wanted to go skate
but it was raining, rain rain rain
i took myself a rain date. (rain check)
i ran around in the rain to my car and back
look for things it felt good. i thought i left
my skateboard in the rain but didn't!

i asked rocktakon what size wheel's he was riding
he said spitfire 52 as usual i was like oh shit.
i think i need slightly big wheel's and riser pads cuz
i am a pussy. i should get a wider deck. when i was
my very best. i road an 8 +.
circle f. a funny cartoon.
an awesome drawing.
a cute picture of a girl.
a cute girl on the phone,
a prank call.
a song on the radio, a song on a tape.
a torn up magazine and scribbles.
it's all the same!
it's all the same tape!
it's all fun and gravy.
middle school.

\\ winona has the blues //

" ]]\ ] ] ] \ shut \ [ - +'' "up, guy in the grey sweater!\ [ - +'' "!! - +'' "" | |
whoever you're on | |the phone with0'| | sound'' "!! -s boring too = -{
\ ] [- ] .;' nobody knows wha=- [ \t you're talking about -+(0'"|" | | | | |
| | | |i think the- [ \y dont ca'' "!! -re either'' "!! -v'' "!! - )((} + _)) ||\ \ [

im gonna dig a tunnel to next Wednesday
pig wire- meet me on the other side.
with a big snowball right in my face
and hopefully the gateway
we'll stay home and dig more tunnels
we'll put on a play in the snow
in the middle of the pine trees
kinda like the underwater dancing game we used to play.
the canadians ARE NOT invited!!!!
no more nagl, not this time
no puma shorts and no making out on the floor
pip drinks baileys
the bone parade is drunk
did you hear?
the hillbilly bed has moved to couch village this year

// i jumped on an old lady \\

i stole a cig from a strangers mouth
i blame the moon, some snow, and some wine
i kissed a boy cause his name was nike
seasonal voodoo
comet bar stars gail and clancy
i wonder if suity would like them or hate them?
i'd like them to all sing a song together
outside. at night. with a fire and lots of whiskey.