Sunday, November 15, 2009


i feel bad my poems haven't rhymes.
It's really way late past my bed time.

I'll go to sleep, slumberland's mine.
I may be alone, but I'm doing fine.

((((((TOTAL CONTROL))))))))

Allot Contort
Atoll Contort
Total Control
A Contort Toll
A Cotton Troll
Lac Lotto Torn
Call Onto Tort
Call Onto Trot
Call Torn Toot
Clonal Rot Tot
Clonal Tor Tot
Clonal Ort Tot
Clonal Tort To /
Clonal Trot To
Local Torn Tot
Local Not Tort
Local Not Trot
Local Ton Tort
Local Ton Trot
Collar Not Tot
Collar Ton Tot
Clan Tool Tort
Clan Tool Trot
Clan Loot Tort
Clan Loot Trot
Clan Lotto Rot
Clan Lotto Tor
Clan Lotto Ort
Talc Loon Tort
Talc Loon Trot
Talc Lorn Toot
Talc Tool Torn
Talc Loot Torn
Talc Lotto Nor
Can Troll Toot
Acorn Toll Tot
Cantor Toll To
Carton Toll To
Canto Roll Tot
Canto Troll To
Canto Toll Rot
Canto Toll Tor
Canto Toll Ort
Narc Toll Toot
Narc Lotto Lot
Cant Roll Toot
Cant Troll Too
Cant Toll Root
Actor Toll Not
Actor Toll Ton
Cottar Toll No
Cottar Toll On
Coat Troll Not
Coat Troll Ton
Coat Toll Torn
Taco Troll Not
Taco Troll Ton
Taco Toll Torn
Cart Toll Onto
Tract Loon Lot
Act Troll Onto
Act Lorn Lotto
Cat Troll Onto
Cat Lorn Lotto
Tact Roll Onto
Tact Lorn Tool
Tact Lorn Loot
La Control Tot
La Contort Lot
All Contort To
All Cotton Rot
All Cotton Tor
All Cotton Ort
Llano Cot Tort
Llano Cot Trot
Allot Con Tort
Allot Con Trot
Allot Corn Tot
Allot Cot Torn
Atoll Con Tort
Atoll Con Trot
Atoll Corn Tot
Atoll Cot Torn
Tall Coon Tort
Tall Coon Trot
Tall Croon Tot
Tall Cotton Or
Tall Corn Toot
Tall Coot Torn
Loan Colt Tort
Loan Colt Trot
Loan Clot Tort
Loan Clot Trot
Tonal Colt Rot
Tonal Colt Tor
Tonal Colt Ort
Tonal Clot Rot
Tonal Clot Tor
Tonal Clot Ort
Talon Colt Rot
Talon Colt Tor
Talon Colt Ort
Talon Clot Rot
Talon Clot Tor
Talon Clot Ort
Alto Colt Torn
Alto Clot Torn
Total Colt Nor
Total Clot Nor
Total Corn Lot
Total Cot Lorn
Ran Colt Lotto
Ran Clot Lotto
Tarn Colt Tool
Tarn Colt Loot
Tarn Clot Tool
Tarn Clot Loot
Tarn Coot Toll
Rant Colt Tool
Rant Colt Loot
Rant Clot Tool
Rant Clot Loot
Rant Coot Toll
Ant Coot Troll
Tan Coot Troll
Tarot Con Toll
Tart Colon Lot
Tart Colt Loon
Tart Clot Loon
Tart Coon Toll
At Control Lot
At Cotton Roll
Tat Control Lo
Tat Coon Troll
Tat Croon Toll
A Colt Lorn Tot
A Colt Lot Torn
A Clot Lorn Tot
A Clot Lot Torn
A Con Troll Tot
A Con Toll Tort
A Con Toll Trot
A Corn Toll Tot
A Cot Troll Not
A Cot Troll Ton
A Cot Toll Torn
Lac Lorn To Tot
Lac Lo Torn Tot
Lac Lo Not Tort
Lac Lo Not Trot
Lac Lo Ton Tort
Lac Lo Ton Trot
Lac Lot No Tort
Lac Lot No Trot
Lac Lot On Tort
Lac Lot On Trot
Lac Lot Nor Tot
Lac Lot Torn To
Lac Lot Not Rot
Lac Lot Not Tor
Lac Lot Not Ort
Lac Lot Ton Rot
Lac Lot Ton Tor
Lac Lot Ton Ort
Call No Rot Tot
Call No Tor Tot
Call No Ort Tot
Call No Tort To
Call No Trot To
Call On Rot Tot
Call On Tor Tot
Call On Ort Tot
Call On Tort To
Call On Trot To
Call Nor To Tot
Call Not Or Tot
Call Not Rot To
Call Not Tor To
Call Not Ort To
Call Ton Or Tot
Call Ton Rot To
Call Ton Tor To
Call Ton Ort To
Clan Lo Rot Tot
Clan Lo Tor Tot
Clan Lo Ort Tot!!
Clan Lo Tort To
Clan Lo Trot To
Clan Lot Or Tot
Clan Lot Rot To
Clan Lot Tor To
Clan Lot Ort To
Talc Lo No Tort
Talc Lo No Trot
Talc Lo On Tort
Talc Lo On Trot
Talc Lo Nor Tot
Talc Lo Torn To
Talc Lo Not Rot
Talc Lo Not Tor
Talc Lo Not Ort
Talc Lo Ton Rot
Talc Lo Ton Tor
Talc Lo Ton Ort
Talc Lot No Rot
Talc Lot No Tor
Talc Lot No Ort
Talc Lot On Rot
Talc Lot On Tor
Talc Lot On Ort
Talc Lot Nor To
Talc Lot Not Or
Talc Lot Ton Or
Can Roll To Tot
Can Toll Or Tot
Can Toll Rot To
Can Toll Tor To
Can Toll Ort To
Can Lo Lot Tort
Can Lo Lot Trot
Narc Lo Lot Tot
Cant Toll Or To
Cant Lo Lot Rot
Cant Lo Lot Tor
Cant Lo Lot Ort
Car Toll No Tot
Car Toll On Tot
Car Toll Not To
Car Toll Ton To
Arc Toll No Tot
Arc Toll On Tot
Arc Toll Not To
Arc Toll Ton To
Cart Toll No To
Cart Toll On To
Cart Lo Lot Not
Cart Lo Lot Ton
Tract Lo Lot No
Tract Lo Lot On
Act Roll No Tot
Act Roll On Tot
Act Roll Not To
Act Roll Ton To
Act Troll No To
Act Troll On To
Act Toll No Rot
Act Toll No Tor
Act Toll No Ort
Act Toll On Rot
Act Toll On Tor
Act Toll On Ort
Act Toll Nor To
Act Toll Not Or
Act Toll Ton Or
Act Lorn Lo Tot=
Act Lorn Lot To
Act Lo Lot Torn
Cat Roll No Tot
Cat Roll On Tot
Cat Roll Not To
Cat Roll Ton To
Cat Troll No To
Cat Troll On To
Cat Toll No Rot
Cat Toll No Tor
Cat Toll No Ort
Cat Toll On Rot
Cat Toll On Tor
Cat Toll On Ort
Cat Toll Nor To
Cat Toll Not Or
Cat Toll Ton Or
Cat Lorn Lo Tot
Cat Lorn Lot To
Cat Lo Lot Torn
Tact Roll No To
Tact Roll On To
Tact Toll No Or
Tact Toll On Or
Tact Lorn Lo To
Tact Lo Lot Nor
La Colt No Tort
La Colt No Trot
La Colt On Tort
La Colt On Trot
La Colt Nor Tot
La Colt Torn To
La Colt Not Rot
La Colt Not Tor
La Colt Not Ort
La Colt Ton Rot
La Colt Ton Tor
La Colt Ton Ort
La Clot No Tort
La Clot No Trot
La Clot On Tort
La Clot On Trot
La Clot Nor Tot
La Clot Torn To
La Clot Not Rot
La Clot Not Tor
La Clot Not Ort
La Clot Ton Rot
La Clot Ton Tor
La Clot Ton Ort
La Con Lot Tort
La Con Lot Trot
La Corn Lot Tot
La Cot Lorn Tot
La Cot Lot Torn
All Con Rot Tot
All Con Tor Tot
All Con Ort Tot
All Con Tort To
All Con Trot To
All Corn To Tot
All Cot No Tort
All Cot No Trot
All Cot On Tort
All Cot On Trot
All Cot Nor Tot
All Cot Torn To-
All Cot Not Rot
All Cot Not Tor
All Cot Not Ort
All Cot Ton Rot
All Cot Ton Tor
All Cot Ton Ort
Tall Con Or Tot
Tall Con Rot To
Tall Con Tor To
Tall Con Ort To
Tall Cot No Rot
Tall Cot No Tor
Tall Cot No Ort
Tall Cot On Rot
Tall Cot On Tor
Tall Cot On Ort
Tall Cot Nor To
Tall Cot Not Or
Tall Cot Ton Or
An Colt Lo Tort
An Colt Lo Trot
An Colt Lot Rot
An Colt Lot Tor
An Colt Lot Ort
An Clot Lo Tort
An Clot Lo Trot
An Clot Lot Rot
An Clot Lot Tor
An Clot Lot Ort
An Cot Roll Tot
An Cot Troll To
An Cot Toll Rot
An Cot Toll Tor
An Cot Toll Ort
Ran Colt Lo Tot
Ran Colt Lot To
Ran Clot Lo Tot
Ran Clot Lot To
Ran Cot Toll To
Tarn Colt Lo To
Tarn Clot Lo To
Tarn Cot Lo Lot
Rant Colt Lo To
Rant Clot Lo To
Rant Cot Lo Lot
Ant Colt Lo Rot
Ant Colt Lo Tor
Ant Colt Lo Ort
Ant Colt Lot Or
Ant Clot Lo Rot
Ant Clot Lo Tor
Ant Clot Lo Ort
Ant Clot Lot Or
Ant Cot Roll To
Ant Cot Toll Or
Tan Colt Lo Rot
Tan Colt Lo Tor
Tan Colt Lo Ort
Tan Colt Lot Or
Tan Clot Lo Rot
Tan Clot Lo Tor
Tan Clot Lo Ort
Tan Clot Lot Or
Tan Cot Roll To
Tan Cot Toll Or
Rat Colt Lo Not
Rat Colt Lo Ton
Rat Colt Lot No
Rat Colt Lot On
Rat Clot Lo Not
Rat Clot Lo Ton
Rat Clot Lot No
Rat Clot Lot On
Rat Con Toll To
Rat Cot Toll No
Rat Cot Toll On
Tar Colt Lo Not
Tar Colt Lo Ton
Tar Colt Lot No
Tar Colt Lot On
Tar Clot Lo Not
Tar Clot Lo Ton
Tar Clot Lot No
Tar Clot Lot On
Tar Con Toll To
Tar Cot Toll No
Tar Cot Toll On
Art Colt Lo Not
Art Colt Lo Ton
Art Colt Lot No
Art Colt Lot On
Art Clot Lo Not
Art Clot Lo Ton
Art Clot Lot No
Art Clot Lot On
Art Con Toll To
Art Cot Toll No
Art Cot Toll On
Tart Colt Lo No
Tart Colt Lo On
Tart Clot Lo No
Tart Clot Lo On
Tart Con Lo Lot
At Colt Lorn To
At Colt Lo Torn
At Colt Lot Nor
At Clot Lorn To
At Clot Lo Torn
At Clot Lot Nor
At Con Roll Tot
At Con Troll To
At Con Toll Rot
At Con Toll Tor
At Con Toll Ort
At Corn Toll To
At Cot Roll Not
At Cot Roll Ton
At Cot Troll No
At Cot Troll On
At Cot Toll Nor
At Cot Lorn Lot
Tat Colt Lo Nor
Tat Clot Lo Nor
Tat Con Roll To
Tat Con Toll Or
Tat Corn Lo Lot
Tat Cot Roll No
Tat Cot Roll On
Tat Cot Lorn Lo.

((((crack an egg on chrissy's head))))))

I saw this girl dressed as a cat,
but we won't talk about that.

She offered us candy, oh man I hate candy,
she stuffed a bunch in her friends purse.

I took the eyeball, it was shapped like an egg.
It was an easter egg painted like an eyeball.

I cracked it on my head! I cracked it on danny's head,
and katie's head! WHAT IS THAT!!! this girl screamed when
i tried to crack it on my head and dropped it on the floor
i said "that's my eye!" give it back!
then i cracked it like an egg.
then it flew across the floor under this guy.

so i said i should say "YO YOU MOTHER FUCKER

he would be like "WTF!!!"
then i would pick up the egg and crack it on
his head.


I think this girl liked me but nobody likes me.

Seven dreams in seven hours. I mix the dreams with
the day. I called it "day-dreaming."

A cute cat, a blue russian.

There is a meteor shower coming, if
the sky is clear, i'm going up north,
it sounds insane.
i shouldn't go, we'll get into trouble.
i'll do push-ups when i wake up in
my make up it's too early for that dress.

I'm not mad at anyone or anything
and everything is in my control.
My hands, total control.
Total control.
Total control.
No more slip ups, if i slip up,
i slip up, and i won't do it again,
total control with my hands and this

She practiced her serve,
and we laughed at ourselves.

(((((girl dressed as a cat))))))))))))

Reggae ashely ann-marie, ronnie ronald meghan me.
Reggae ashely ann-marie, ronnie ronald maghan bee.

Peanut butter strawberry jam. All
the kids hated it, some of
the kids hated it. I loved it,
some of people didn't like it,
some people liked it. I asked as many kids as I could.

Talking to freckles. Freckles are talking.
Talk to the freckles the freckles are talking.
Taking time to take up time.
Making time to take up time.
Making up time to take up time.
Time take up.
Make up time.
Time to make up.

She was 29 and she has been rollerblading for 6 years.
She rocks the mini pipe. She had a splitting headache.
She has so many tricks, anything is cool.
She had so many tricks, she could slash a pool.
The tricks have funny names.
This black kid has sick tricks he was just lounging.
He loves street.
His voice is awesome.
This 16 year old girl with braces
and red hair girl was skinny and had a
tie-died t-shirt.
She was good too, she did tricks the same as
the blonde girl, but where the blonde girl
was more aggressive and tough,
the red haired girl was lanky and bendy.

The tricks look like they would rock your legs.

There where two kids who looked almost the same.
Nike SB was the one kids nick name,
he had braces too.

I saw all these people and guessed their ages
and then asked their ages. It was a guessing game.
Wait no, I'm not sure,
I take it back.
It was a guessing game.
Wait no,
I would not ever have a solid guess as to how old
someone was.
You can't tell how old someone is
by looking at them.
14 year olds are easy to guess and 16 and sometimes 18
but it's hard.
Everyone looks different.
Even twins.

Tonight I'll sleep so well.
I can have the most awesome monday
that i've ever had in my life,
not even a blue monday,
a magic blue moon monday.
I can do whatever i want and so can you
everyday every way
in every direction.
I don't care about traveling,
but i love to travel.

I wish someone would force me to travel.
That would be like a business trip.
I'll do it, I don't care.

But i care about a lot of things, not too much,
though because that would be unhealthy.

Seven lions lost at sea.
The lions got beat by the vikings today,
the lions were playing OK the vikings are GOOD.

I saw these shoes i
saw this watch i watched these
shoes sew a watch.

this was over four years ago. i was sitting in the kitchen. i had no kitchen table, instead i had a record player, on the floor.
notice the bag of rice, the uncle sam cereal,
the apple bowl.
i didn't have a tv.
a couple thrift floor chairs,
a bench, and
things i found,
bike, art supplies,
different clothes.
i must
have been wearing bell
i looked out the window.
i talked to justin on the phone,
i had a landline. he was in taos, new mexico.
i was probably excited or sad.

i get excited, then sad, then excited again,
it swirls around and repeats itself and back
on top again back and again.
danny told me i have no reason to be nervous.
he pulled me aside and held my shoulders.

i hated the clouds that day.
that was forever ago.

everything i see in the sky now i like.
mother nature is our mother.
everything in the trees is here.
squirrel nests in the trees.

My grandma's old tennis racket over and over
again. I'm doing it now.

I saw this jacket and so what, I wanted it...
but i won't get it, i'll get a job.

I saw this girl, dressed as a cat.

This isn't a dog, this is a wolf.
I thought it was a husky, but it's a female wolf.
She's nice but scary.
Soft and nice.
Mean if she wants to be.
She likes water.
So do I.
Seven poems in a nap's time.
Seven times 17
shy smiles.

Staring into space looking sad,
seeing someone looking at you looking
in a mirror, stealing their drinks,
talking to the bar back he babysits
his sister's baby too.

I was talking to the bar back he babysits
his sister's baby too. We're friends now,
I don't know his name or if I'll ever see him again.

This asian kid with long hair and glasses was cool looking
and also had a cool neat voice. He said "i would love to come out
with you guys but i am really low on gas and broke!" and we said,
"that's cool you have to be safe! you'll probably end up in double
trouble if you go out with us because we're fucking crazy!"

we turned into the reggae zombies.

reggae zombie dance squad.
that was us, we saw it all.

I told the kid to ad me on facebook, he said he would forget my name
then i gave him magical details and tricks to remember my name and then
he eventually said, oh, cool, ok i think i can remember your name now.
and i saw the look in his face.
it was a teaching method
i will remember
and use in the
i am good at it.

it's fun to be nice.
it's nice to be fun.
it's fun to have fun.
it's nice to have nice.

this t-shirt is fake,
this phone is off the hook
this t-shirt is off the hook
it's an off the hook phone repair


there was a girl dressed as a cat but
i won't talk about that.

((((my precious blue cup)))))))

3 cans of 7UP
once can of wtf
ginger ale canada dry
should i make and
eat a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich

this blue cup! blue cup blah blah
blah. this blue cup can sip the drink
the miss montreal
midnight walk
in cold
snow boots
clean shoes
wet shoes
wtf was i doing
and why did i do that
ice slip
time warp
time switch
black out
blue cup.