Tuesday, November 10, 2009

((((((((((((important lovely things_)))))))))))))))

i like it weird and kinda dark,
but also dreamy and soft and nice
and fine.

a mix of things.

i'm eating some spicey warm soup before bed,
i'll even brush my teeth.

i had a real clever rhyme, but forgot it.

i talked to eric on the phone today.

he was going to buy fruits and vegetables.

cleaned my room, changed my sheets.

it was ill.

now what's up?

primatene mist.

i should wear my glasses all day tomarrow.
i have to babysit. i should also jog and work on my tennis serve.

but, i have to call capitol 1.
i should just apply to funny random jobs.
money makes the world spin around they say?
but it doesn't grow on trees.
sounds like garbage.

so call capitol 1, answer some e-mails.
call this person dance that. feel better. eat good.
the healthy health. healthy body healthy mind.

the uphill run.

i was in a ski club called the DOWNHILL EXPRESS once.
that name is so funny. now i will start a club called UPHILL EXPRESS
like a really fast endless chairlift.
u wanna join?
you're in.
let's goooooooooooooooooooo!

i had to blow my nose
rubber ducky you're the one
big bird was on jimmy kimmel last night
and then so was ghostface killah, and he
killed it!

sometimes i have no one to talk to.
i talk to myself.
it's cool.

there's this book called
the loneliness of the long distance runner.

i had a cool copy, but
lost it i guess.

i gotta finish this record, i re-mixed did / finished the song.
no lakes athletics club.

kelly osborne didn't get booted off dancing with the stars.

i just road my bike for a bit, but did great.
it was cold and there were bright stars in the sky.
i have no idea how some of these people make the most of their day/time.
these tennis stars, just work work work.
but they have people working for them.
i have a few good friends and a nice family.
don't we all just want an assistant? actually,
some people don't want one. why not? it would be perfect.

so here i am with this soup.
oh man it's spicy.
i'm done with it.

so much ginger ale tomarrow,
so much sierra MIST today.

this might be the best nights sleep ever.

my sister was crying, in her room.
i came in and i talked to her for a while,
one funny thing was i said "Well, u know... PEOPLE SAY...
... uh, wait I don't know what people say."
but she felt better and went to sleep. i felt better now i'll go to sleep.
guidence counsler.

spelling errors.
i don't care.

imagine an icycle made out of magic
dripping and melting in a whirlpool of a warm grass field,
2 months ago exactly right now. in the sun though.
a pine tree bends completely over, just to shake you hand
and say hello. that's what happened.
i'm just telling you,
this isn't a poem,
sorry if i wasted your time.

So don't eat seven oranges / and trust your instincts.
We're humans, it took use a while to get here.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;______negativity, replaced with positivity = a super rad day.
"feel strong about something everyday" - to paraphrase andre agassi's wife.

count your blessings like a mouse.
uphill express. bedtime undressed.
send me a text. i won't be impressed.

lol jk.

i think this kid wanted me to dj his party
and i didn't answer his call.
i'm not sure,
lol, i'm terrible.

correct your wrongs, drop your enemies,
make new lists, and cross off your accomplishments,
and pat yourself on the back.

a golden river with a frog in it, with white feathers on his back,
hopping, then flying, swirling in a whirlwind, near the chicken coup,
the nordic outback, summer home covered in snow.
a sparkle in her eye.

A sparkle in your eye.

Making new music with a sparkle in your eye,
listening to new music with a sparkle in your eye,
old music and sparkly eyes, i try and try you try we try.

Travel far and wide? Do I have to travel far and wide.
No, i do not. but i can and should and might. seventeen times.
Rocks left unturned,
it's our turn.

I saw the sparkle in your eye.

It was a diamond.

(north of here, and things to be left behind
and things to take better note's of, and future
plans and magic goals and things.)
;;(and things to forget on purpose)..
..(and important lovely things)...
....(like a kiss on her eyelid)...
(the one i can't miss)...