Monday, November 09, 2009


there's a city called
i really want to go there. it's on the north west coast,
above VAASA.
my grandpa's family was from VAASA, it's right over the sea
from Sweden, UMEA.. that's why i think my grandpa has a hint of
Swede in him, and my grandma, 100% ended up getting a divorce with him
they are so nice, idk why wut happened.
people in Finland drink more coffee then anyone in the world.
that is something like an average of 7 cups a day per person. WTF?
my grandpa said she said drinking it when she was like 4.
vodka is a problem, along with russian's too, obviously.
finland is often rated one of the nicest places to live,
(low crime, etc) but has a high suicide rate. people just go kooky.
they say, a finn is means "crazy person." oh fuck.
you know what.
it's a dark and cold in the winter there like here. you know.
but it's way closer to the artic circle than us.
fuck but they have cooler ways of dealing with winter,
mad winter sports, murdering reindeer, and sauna.
they even swim in the freezing cold water.
that's what i want to do.
i should go swimming somewhere.
i know this is boring,
but i'll go into more detail later.
i have to change my lifestyle right now,
i just did.
i think i'm coming down with some sort of cold,
i just have those body cold body aches.
lots of yoga, tea, good food, magic and knowledge
and nature.
i know this sounds stupid;
but if you could be a bird,
what kind of bird would you be?
i am up in arms.
but an OWL would be very cool.

P.S. all the girls in KOKKOLA just deal with the winter
and they are really cute.

((((((((feel better everyday))))))))))

i kinda road to hard again
a little too aggressive
i don't remember anything
but neon rainbow messes

chamomile tea is great
i'm behind running behind
this poem makes no sense
and doesn't really even rhyme.

i saw this squirrel i almost ran him over.
i can't remember how many bikes or times or road today.
2 and 2 or 1 and 1. or 1 and 2.

Netti Pot in my nose.
Fun inside all of my clothes.
Tons of babes and tons of bros.
Trees that seam to grow and grow.
Tennis channel highlighting Pros.
Some time the wind just howls and blows.