Sunday, November 08, 2009

(((((sad sips))))

Warm milk before bed,
a little glowing desklamp.

warm milk before bed,
i'll brush my teeth again.

the moon was behaving awesome tonight,
i love the phase he's in.

the moon is a man right? or is it a woman?

cool fan blowing, this weather is lovely.
indian summer, indian bummer.

i'm sore from bmx, and sleepy for fun.
pour a pancake in the pan, and say hello to everyone.

seven moss covered rocks, sleeping in the shade.
a drop of dew stops by to say hi, everyone's engaged.


big blue


big blue russian folk
sweater weather.

i love november more than ever.
thanks giving break, broke me off.
tropical xmas, x's everything.

i want to go to hawaii, but i don't
like to travel. i should learn how to
love to travel. i like to travel.

taylor swift on SNL made my night.
so wholesome, so sweet. she's a hilarious actress too,
wow. she's already a star but will continue being one.
the whole episode was good.
hulu-dance that shit.

and when i road my bike into the woods most all the leaves
were gone so some people could see me. the bottom of the jump
will filled with water and leaves. why? i hated the sight of it, but i loved
the weather. i road up a hill.
i saw a chipmunk on an dead log.
the log wasn't really dead, i guess,
it was full of life and love.
the little chipmunk was so cute.

then later i was outside, and i saw a chipmunk chasing



it was so funny.

i was pretty tired from my bike ride.

stephine oudin was playing tennis in valencia.
ITALY VS. FRANCE. she was killing it. she's a star.

i'm going to sleep a deep deep sleep tonight, i feel it.
tomarrow will be beautiful, just like you.