Monday, November 02, 2009

(((((((((cap shop boys)))))))))

pillen, life/
kussen. times.
hoop. coyote schone omhooggaand.
magisch voor altijd. baby.
suiker, kussen. dierenwinkel,
jongens and longing.
for fallen leaves.
sweep em up.
i saw the truck.

Thus i
assume i am;
in love with not a soul.
My love dives deeply in, of house.
The last little girl that I have as an accident
had been kissed ; that drunk. They kept my hand; in love fell.
I took a foam bath yesterday,
i' ll wear vanavond only my face.
sleep always,
wake omhoog asked.
wake omhoog in love.
with grass. ground.
pills. to kiss. hope.
coyote clean going up.
magically for always.
baby. sugar, kisses.
animal shop, boys.
earth pills.
hope. coyote clean up.
magic forever. baby. sugar,
kisses. cap shop, boys.

(((((((yucca teen pool)))))

sir ivy;
crass civil hug dive through me.
Crass civil gym luv
dhic disco liars;;
cliche cry plz sis
coca-cola /
let one Yup.
Так я угадываю i' m в влюбленности с не душой.
Моя влюбленность ныряет глубоко в Аляске, от дома.
Последняя девушка
я расцеловал была аварией. одно раньше
которое было пьяно. она держала мою руку я упал в влюбленность. я
принял ванну пузыря

Seventeen eyes and
Frossty smiles.
Beaverr moon.
Frosty moon.
. we saw it
yesterda -
y. on the
be -

((( i felt this way.))))

Так я угадываю
i' m в влюбленности с не душой.
Моя влюбленность ныряет глубоко
в Аляске, от дома.
Zo veronderstel ik i' m in liefde met niet een ziel.
Mijn liefde duikt diep in Alaska,

(((:: you don't need teeth to play tennis ::)))

Seven awesome oppussumsoctapus
in eleven boats and cars.

Today was short, but nice and long.
I didn't hear my favorite song.
Gameboy games longer gone.
The magic spot where you belong.

Hot chamomile:
so many uses:
cardiovascular conditions, common cold, diarrhea in children, eczema, gastrointestinal conditions, hemorrhagic cystitis (bladder irritation with bleeding), hemorrhoids, infantile colic, mucositis from cancer treatment (mouth ulcers/irritation), quality of life in cancer patients, open penile sores, skin inflammation, sleep aid, vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina), and wound healing.

Seven stork and plasic fangs,
a tour bike and sewer drains.
One last hot shower / pajama pants,
Sleeping in and endless dance.

orange lipgloss
;;;; yellow chapstick
empty limo ;;;;;
;;; empty glass
cup of tea ;;; new to me.
1999 vs 1979.

vhs. 95'.

(((((((((the empty cottage))))))))))))))

Dawn gone wrong,
an endless song.
A glass of milk,
1 busy cook.

Lots of food,
and seven dudes.
A giant rat,
A baseball bat.

A fireplace,
a wooded space.
An endless dream,
the perfect team.

A small house plant,
an outdoor ant.
A burnt out blub,
a park indoors.

A sinking tree,
the cliff at sea.
The cold wet rocks,
The old truck stop.

The old TV,
the make believe.
The old pine tree,
next to the sea.

The empty cottage,
the proper wattage.
The small row boat,
a winter coat.

I made my way,
last saturday.
To a place,
to isolate.

(((((heart of glass))))))))(((((((

country boys and city girls
west end girls and uptown boys
your think you're mad
kicking tables and flipping chairs
you think you've lost your mind
running down around underground
hoping not to die
but that's not really whats on your mind.

shattered vision. broken dreams.
western town, dead end world.
eastern boys, west end girls.

and we all know where we really live.

too many choices,
but a good idea.
;;;;; how often do you
get it together?
seven mason jars filled with wine home made wine.
home made wine on leather seats,
cowboy boots and doggie treats..

dead end world, midwestern boys and eastern girls.
west end girls. dead end girls. dead end boys.

heart of glass or heart of stone.
every city, every nation.
how much longer can you wait?

november forever / endless forever
whatever forever / stoked on this shit.

)()((((forever ago (today across the globe))()()())))

This time the rolling rocks rolled from the electric springs
of time & essence down into the ancient modern city
of Wristband. The sprinkles sparked as dew dripped down
from condensation conversations from the cafe above.
Seventeen magazine and
sad smiles.
Someone was jumping up and down on the woodfloor above.
each board creaked and crack.
A bird chirped and landed and ate some feed
that fell from the horses
cariage, the horse was sleepy,
but working hard.
They dimmed the lights
and they reflected in the windows,
of the windows you could see in from the outside
yellow orange glow, more orange.
hands moving and some people talking.
and wet and dry and warm stone bricks on the ground
with some dirt here and there and the sea to the left.
through the black rail the water sparkled and sprinkled
out moonlight bouncing dancing like a drunk
quietly dancing home to nothing
no-one at all
just thrown keys on the floor
and 1 locked front door.

(((((((daily realizations)))))))

some people you just cant change

you can however,
tell em how you really feel / hang up on them
walk the other way / show them
the door / never talk to them ever again
forget u ever knew them.

that's the neat thing about
this place.

u get
wut u get.

crack an egg on foley's head
november second, 2009
night time is the right time
day light savings crimes

november forever
november whenever
remember november / recognize november
nottingham november this book i'm reading.

north face fleece feelings and forgotten colas.
coca-cola crimes.
cleaning my bedroom drinking pop.

don't stop.
i hate the super glue on my face.
i mean on my teeth.