Thursday, October 22, 2009


rosemary rose pedals
orange peel marshmellows
guns and school children
peaceful naps

clear plastic bike pedals
so many lite hellos
1980's brick buildings
violent bats

)))((((my time here))))((((

Sex is for the birds, coyotes, and raccoons
me? i'm just sitting in my bedroom

apples and peanut butter
chocolate milk

lots of books on the floor,
but not on the shelf

i don't have a shelf,
furniture confusion

modern living is such a sloppy illusion

i can wake up and do whatever i want
i'm pretty luck, but also, i'm not

i turned up the heat, i love the furnace
it burns and turns, i've always earned it

i love my dad, he's saved my life
my mom too, she's so damn nice
my sisters lovely, and my niece
i still must pray for my brother plz

all the clothes hanging in my closet
all the clothes in the hampers on the floor
records, guitars, scraps of art
the scratches on the unpainted door

i'm feeling sketchy, it's time for bed
30 rock really made me giggle instead
jay leno kinda cracked me up
i used to think the dude was a butt

lets not dream at all tonight
or maybe just of a bird in peaceful flight
a seagull by the beach or land
swooping towards a garbage can.