Wednesday, October 21, 2009

it was a kids movie

made from a kids book

i thought of you, and it came true
i awoke from a nap sky blue
dark dark blue twilight too
in my head i hummed a tune
light blue jeans, light light blue
seven new songs played for you
wrote one too, a soothing groove
the soda pop and chicken soup

i had fun

two mice
one ginea pig
one puppy dog

all on the floor
and into my bed
winona wednesday turns into
totally thursdays
think about it thursdays
digital camera's and internets
i turned my muffin to the sea

saltwater bath water
and irecomsiablatail joke
ducktails and more
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

you said hello it was late
bedtime shower
bedtime show
a desk fan, desklamp,
deskplant desktop.

i saw tomarrow
and i liked it.

mellow mood has got me.

turn i loose.

twitter was
over capacity
what was to do
you're the fucking hater
you're the fucking flu

i didn't get a flu shot
cuz i never do
but i got my masters
the twilight was so blue

so blue and dark and foggy blue
indian summer blue
i saw the magic nap time snake
the disco sadness snake
so true.