Monday, October 19, 2009

the silly orange opossum
sleeping in the woods
the orange orange autumn woods
he could and he would but wouldn't
wake he rolled and rolled down the hill in the twilight
moonlight moon dust moon. the silly orange opossum
wants nothing to do with you too.

i know it
sounds silly'n stupid
but baby it's true

the silly orange opossum
just booked a one way flight

stacy caught a kitten
and in the kitchen, caught a cold
stacy was quite smart as shit, always did
what was told. so she learned it all by books
and some of it by life. stacy's kitten grew into
a big mean cat, with teeth as sharp as knives.
stacy walked around the block and some some stupid
kids, they laughed at her and called her a nerd and threw
some rocks and twigs. stacy's cat jumped off a roof and ontop
of the biggest kid, clawed out his eyes, clawed off his ears,
and chewed his tounge to bits. his friends ran off as he cried on the ground.
stacys cat meowed and laugh and piss on his paper crown.

stacy went to college and she has a great career.
her cat still lives with her parents, and the cat just loves it there.

choking on a strawberry
choking on a straw
choking on a black berry
choking on a star

i make the best pancakes
pancakes for one
late night pancakes, pancakes for one
i actually call them crepecakes,
crepecakes for one
cuz they are a combo of pancakes
and crepes, all in one for one

strawberry's and michigan maple syrup
and shit and milk.
--- remember in WITCHES when
the kid got turned into a mouse
a little mouse. a smart little mouse.
he was the smartest little mouse ever
with little glasses on.

a glass of milk.

fuck the nazi's.
hot cock for sale,
that's what the sign read.
there was a raccoon in the belly of the wild thing.
billy boob thorton sucks.
he used to molest children.
on his farm.
he has an airplane though.
all these guys with private planes.
all these guys golden drains.
i met this girl, and she was friends with this other girl.
dude they were so cool, they had lower middle class incomes
and they went to the bar.

i flew to the moon and ate all the cheese.
bad dreams.
cheese bad dreams.
drink the cheese eat the bad dreams.
put it under your pillow and push the pillow across
the sea and land and fuck
catch a robot with a robot robot sucks and robots too.

push a robot off a cliff, watch him fall apart.
eat your lungs out black and coal,
tear your flesh til dark.

watch a muffin grow in the oven,
eat it while it's hot.
drop off the face of the earth
and drink all your friends pot.

wait, that's a good idea.
i'm going to go to my friends house.
i'm going to take all his pot and put it in
a glass with butter and hot water
and honey, and apple cider. then drink the whole thing.
then he will go "dude where's my weed?"
and i'll go, "oh shit man, i have no idea, i am so fucking
stoned or something, i drank it all!"
"you drank it all!"
"whoa bro wtf! ah ah."

income income fun fun fun.
watch a seagull crash into a dumpster.
if you see a duck with those plastic rings that keep 6 packs together,
try to catch him and tear it off.
you won't be able to catch him,
he'll run and flop away.
then he'll die.

i hope you enjoyed your 6 pack.

how many koala's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

i have no idea!

how many panda's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

ONE! why would you even ask such a stupid question?

14 pieces of gum
- - - orange and small
but long
c i t r u s m i n t
---- ADA Accepted.
artificially flavoured



Return of the one sentance poem.

Oranges apples money tree daily multivitamin for men melatonin lemon nightmares water bubble letters sharpies smelling pancakes puppy hamster one mouse two mouse baby blue fleece blanket, desk lamp, house plant, end table, alarm clock : pillbillys cellphone car ride tobacco, knife emma watson for burberry trees jonathan livngston seagull teach yourself finnish memorex 90 minute cassette tape blue see-through hand blow mini-vase from ikea, each one unique, a text message from someone you actually care about.

magic mitten.

watermellon magic, sitting in the sink. swimming in the bathtub, always on the brink. blinking backwards sunglasses and guess who's at the door? guess who's on the floor? and guess who wants some more.

misses mrs. watermellon magic on the phone.

missing calls and missing mr. cantalope raccoon.

oh a silly day it was a silly time to ride,
your bike into the darkest leaves and in the leaves
you slide. slip and slide and leaves to leave. a leaf
once left alone. . .. ..
.... .. a watermellon mitten
for your favorite
. .. ..broken .. bone.