Monday, October 05, 2009

I saw someone;
;;;who was it?
I don't know
her face was orange.
make the most
out of tomarrow;;;
today wasn't
all too cool;;;

Wet Grass

I sure am glad I'm done with school,
it really drove me insane.
I tried to fix my crippled self
with beer poured in my brain.
;;;but now I really wanna teach
and that's just what I'll do.
Finger paintings, fun collage,
animals in zoos.
I can't wait til all those kids, at the academy
fade away and don't come back,
I don't want to see.
The feel good movie of the Fall,
man it felt so good.
Inspired me inspired you
what's underneath your hood?
I was looking at some scooters,
motorcycles too.
I talked to my friend for a while,
it was pretty cool.
I went for a long car ride,
it was kinda weird.
Took a nap and other things,
coca-cola tears.
Tomarrow is tomarrow was,
I really can't wait.
I have no idea why,
but tomarrow is the day.

Blowing kisses in the wind, blowing kisses lips of kids, gummy worms and someone learns, blowing kisses in the wind. Telephones and telephones, cell phones and phones, the gross smell of the a shitty thrift store. Blahditty blah blah blah.

At the end of the day, just think what happened that was inspiring.
And if you find one thing, it was a good day. Ok? Ok. Goodnight. Sweet dreams!