Sunday, October 04, 2009

Honest 2 Blog;[;[;[;

7 pills and diamond rings
floating in the thick of things.
Autumn fashion, round-a-bouts,
an East-Asian lips that pout.
She was cool, into me,
I almost slide right off my seat.

I fell in love in LO today
Mexican food to celebrate
She was wearing a yellow turtle neck
I watched her as she signed the check.
I'll never know who she was
but in my heart she squirms n buzz
Then we went and saw WHIP IT
feel good movie, feeling it

sugar rush,
hot sauce fun
dancing in front of everyone
my bloody valentine and
love, blood rushes from up above

what an awesome day i had
the first full moon i wasn't sad

;) :P

now play dead!
sleep like a bear