Thursday, October 01, 2009


When I used to get stoned,
I mean really really stoned;=
I should've been home
just writing poems.
Driving my car, spaced out as hell
terrified the MOON could tell.
No one called, I had no phone.
I got home, not home alone.
My BEATLES records in my guts,
blood just pouring from my butt.
I prayed to GOD to make it stop,
instead got punched out by a COP.
I screaming and cried like a chunky fuck,
rolling in the AUTUMN'S MUCK.
I hate swearing, but I just did,
I'm just wondering what I did,
when I put some faith in you,
because it took some out of me,
but I don't care, because I'll ask GOD
to save my soul, I ain't no slob.
I got new glasses and on my face,
I'll turn my nose to this
whole damn place.


Sally was a magic muffin,
but I had no heart.
Sara was a pelican,
but where is one to start?
Kimmy was a zebra too,
Ashley still lives at the zoo.
I miss them but now's not the time,
to explain lost loves of mine.

I saw a cock just running around.
Clucking up and clucking down.
A stupid bird, a sloppy terd.
You motherbitching ugly nerd.
Did you watch the news tonight?
Did you and your girlfriend get in a fight?
I saw the moon it said hello.
Told me not to sell my soul,
to MR. MUFFIN he's a farce,
Why is the truth so stark and sparse?
I can change, and you can change,
this shit town can be re-arranged.
I'm glad I missed your little party,
I'll spiked your BEER with sugar SMARTIES.
You know, those little candies we used to eat,
when piss dripped down upon your feet.