Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There was an old man who lived in a shoe,
I don't know why, you do what you do.
But if you want to keep doing it,
go ahead dude.
I'll see you in hell and that is the truth.

Opps, well, no,
I won't see you down there,
but have fun regardless.
Let's be really boring and predictable.
Let's be really uninteresting and boring.
Let's take interest in predictability.
Let's regurgitate our gargle as we gag each
other into a circle jerk.
Let's look in the mirror
while have a three way conversation
with three other people looking in the
mirror x 3?

Is there supposed to be an apostrophe
after "Let" in anyone of those improper
sentences I just wrote? Only time will tell..
and my Mother, if I ask her.

I should finish the book I'm reading, and write
down all the words I don't know.

Bike rides to no where, after noon naps,
misdirected and pointless anger, wasted time
and ignorance.


The first day of Autumn.