Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday morning, Sunday night.
A yellow plastic cup of milk.
I never liked the Nazis.

I always liked that song.
I don't know Taylor Swift,
and I don't know the ocean floor.

I don't go to college, anymore.

Empty paper cup of Pepsi.
I can't find the new glass Pepsi Natural
bottles anywhere.
I can't find a female.

I saw seven swans in the pond.
The pond was a lake.
A pretty small one.

Lots of people die alone.
Wild horses.
I wanna feed the dreams inside you,
Coca-Cola in a baby bottle.
Seven songs, and seven songs.
Seven magic kittens and seven rights and wrongs.
Who helped her with her lipstick?
Who plucked her eyebrows?
Four people I saw in the woods.
Focusing on the future, and forgetting bout the past.
Focus on the future, and forget about the past.
Focus on the future and forget about the past.
The past is has passed and pass pass pass.
Right now, tomarrow, today and right now.
Thanks for talking to me.
It made me feel better.
That was nice.
The things you said.
You're awesome.