Wednesday, September 02, 2009

wow. wtf.

I'M BACK@@@@@@@@@@@@@

hey what's going on? oh yeah?
awesome, you smell like shit.
yeah totally.
yeah total shit.
actually, would you please get the fuck
away from me?
you're fucking disgusting.

just another day in paradise.
the world shrinks, as who knows what else goes on.
melting vortex's of mudslides and "oh no california is on fire!"
oh fucking no! oh no i have a life threatening disease! oh no oh no
i'm all out of money! oh no no no
well u know what, we're all in the same boat.
and it's not exactly a boat, mr. shit-smeared-mustache-lip
oh no
it's a PLANET
it's a round little piece of shit with magical powers and it spins around the sun like a ballerina in a white box.
we got lakes, oceans, sea's, mountains, plants, trees, disease,
fleas, cars, bars, and some of us look in telescopes to mars.
it's so fucking great dude.
we got these celebrities on tv, who are just crazy.
they make moves and we sit on our asses and watch them.
but most of the time we just sit on our asses and read about them and talk about them and wish we could live like them and then we turn on the tv and then we walk to the microwave.
guess what we do?
we put some shit in the microwave and turn the microwaves on and then
we shove that shit in our mouths, then we shit it out in the same form,
and it goes into the river down the street.

oh we are killing it.
we got magic like harry potter.
we got magic like TWILIGHT.
we got magic like Micheal Jordon,
magic like the ROLLING STONES.

Hey dude, I know it's only rock and roll,
YES I DO!!!!

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
And now suicide is no longer an option, so a bumpy little ride
it will be. what do you want to do today? what do i want to do today?
oh i don't give a fuck. ride my bike, this and that, break a law,
punch a wall, googlee googlee googlee mapsss chrissssys gunna finally crack
googlee googggleee boogggleee map chrissy just quit taking naps, googlee googgleee
googgglee maps, chrissy's gunna fucking crash.

it makes me sick, to think about the shitty life i've lived.