Monday, August 31, 2009

((((((Deadbeat Summer))))))))

He said, she said, get away from me.
I mean, that's what I said
- to myself.
A romp around town or a romp around the room
up and down the stairs.
That guy who kinda makes me mad, that girl
who makes me laugh. The emotional effects over
the seasons, that are kinda rad.
I saw these magazines and shit,
and knew a few people in them,
if I can keep my cool this time,
I can even beat them. So many modern living
rooms, so many beds to sleep in. So many cars,
so many clubs, so many books to creep in.
I'm watching Autumn slowly approach,
with the widest eye... so when the leaves
start changing color, it won't come as a surprise.
Do a little twirly dance, one the carpet, in my shoes.
Do a Michael Jackson dance, and spill my glass of booze.
Running shorts and tennis courts, future past
and now. Fall asleep out in a field, next to a calve or
cow. Eat a snack or act a fool, be my number one.
I'm not longer going to try
to be anyone.