Saturday, August 29, 2009

((((((Gameboy Tennis Socialism)))))))))))))))))

I need a Tennis partner, to hit into the Fall!
Casual but aggressive, fun and most of all.
I need to clean my room, once and for all, weed out
all the garbage, and ride it into Fall.
I'm want go to IKEA with Alan, it sounds pretty fun.
Help him settle into his new place, and then go for a run.
Finish the new Clean Up record, an internet EP.
Why must everything I do, get the best of me?
I'll scheme into the winter time, yoga on the floor.
I'll scheme and dream and build it all, underneath
the door.
I'll correct my wrongs and grown my rights,
water plants at night. Wake early, run and read,
feeling quite alright.

Drinking Vernors and OJ with some Cayenne straight
mixed in.
I wanna fall asleep tonight, and then maybe sleep in.

everybody's got a brain
but everybody's brain works different
everybody doesn't look the same
but everyone's gotta live 24 hour a day
are you a neurosurgin? neurologist nistalgia
u own the world's larges library
and jars with every brain
((((((3:14 AM))))))))))))))))))))))

And I think I smell a skunk, it's cool
I kinda like the smell.
I saw some skunks for sale
at a pet store by Ohio Bell.
I should get my new glasses this week,
My vision in an blur.
I pussed out because it rained today,
Ronja K, for sure.
Tinkering with noise,
and walking around,
Up and down the stairs.
It's fun to wash away then run
away all of your tears.

Crickets churp.
Not even hurt.
Slumber time,
//// it's on my side.


Sexy solidity /
sexy solitude
sexy solidity /
sexy solitude
sexy solidity /
sexy solitude.