Tuesday, August 25, 2009

((((((((((((((Tuesday in all it's Splendor)))))

A small caterpillar pillers fall.
Columns call the Feast of Saint Christian,
An empty farce? Belly's full and push and pull.
Sound spins backwards next to a can of coke,
a nylon rope,
and a fashion magazine's dream.

A bug got in my bedroom, a small flying one.
I can't tell what kind, but he's having fun.

If it's a mosquito I'll kill him, I'm sorry, I will.
For every attack, still haunts me still.

I figured it out, it's just a gnat.
I'll leave it at that, no curious cat.

So this is what happened; When I woke up I found an envelope with a check in it
and it said CJ on the envelope. I put it in my room. I drank some coffee and tried to go back to sleep, my head was pounding.

So I ran outside and raise my bike seat on my Euro Tour or whatever bike.
I started pedaling. I was wearing a bathing suit, t-shirt, military hat, and
sunglasses. Adidas shoes and my pink iShuffle.

I road on the roads, then onto a dirt road. The dirt road got bumpy, but then,
it was all wet. I think they were fixing it, making it flat. Whatever they do, clay maybe?

I was pissed because it got all over me.
I road through the trails in the woods, when I hoped over the fence. Then to the golf course. Down the road, and onto the lake trail.
I road around the lake trail forever, it's long. This is already many miles.

This girl in rollerblades, was,
heartbreaking at sight. Tall, tan, roller blading.
Stiff body. Tight tanktop.

These other girls too.
They really truly do.

Then I got to the beat. Edgepoint?
I bought a Pepsi and Hot Dog and ate it.
I went and sat in the grass, then went and slowly took my shoes and shit off.
Kids everywhere, girls, people.
I swam in the cold dirty lake. The lifeguard blew his whistle at someone,
but not before taking his shirt off.
I still want to get a lifeguard training degree, that would be a fun job.
You couldn't let anyone drown, however.

I layed in the grass. This girl was on the cellphone.

I walked around and dried off then road my bike.
I tried to take, what I thought was a short cut, into the woods.
I ended up at the Winter Activity Area, sledding hills I had never seen.
They had this fence posts up with small tires around them so you could bump into them, everything was over grown.


How many people died today?
How many people's lives fell apart?
How many starved.

I pedaled through the woods, back onto the dirt road,
through some houses, back onto the road, and back home.

It was like I went no where at all, my bedroom looked the same.

This was this one girl, she's still in my head. 3 of them actually, no, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9.

Once I figure out the change I want to make, and first change myself,
I will try to help the world out. It's important, to live, non-selfishly.
Your feelings are only your own. Correct?

Another entertaining Brad Pitt performance.
He adopted kids from Africa.
But he smokes hash.
Drugs are bad. That's why they are illegal.
There's no argument.
I didn't see a single deer today, but I saw on the other day.
I did, however, see 5 turkeys.
5 turkeys, looking weird.
Standing on the hillside.
In a row.
5 turkeys, looking weird.
Standing on the hillside.
In a row.
Where were they going?
What did they know?
Who were these turkeys, and were they friends?
They must have known I had a turkey sandwhich the other day,
they looked sad.
I'm sorry dudes.
In a row.
5 turkeys, looking weird.
Standing on the hillside.
In a row.
In a line.
Where were they going?
What did they know?

I'm going to make the most out of everyday in everyway
I can, if I can, when I can, and how I can.
But this is not about me, this is not about the sea.
Landlocked in freshwater lakes,
One film, 5 takes.
Hills, a field, a forest, a friend.
The moon's loon croons.
I've seen the electric vibraphone moan.
Chords and a few stores.
Dr. Pepper and Jade's flannel performance.
For every shot I've blown,
I guess I was granted another one.
For every shot I've blown that I
slowly erased in my mind,
Someone granted me another one.


It's all around you.