Wednesday, August 19, 2009

magic marshemellow
mallow suckers

i went in the garage
and found a tub
of old stuff, from my apartment in detroit!
it was nothing but gold.
a cd, a couple of books i never read,
a photo of my middle school sweetheart
my favorite gameboy games
i even found a cassette walkman!
(well, that was in one of my brothers boxes)

but i found this white xeroxed zine of sorts
a lot of the pages are blank and or white

it's called

"::::::::::::::: new and selected poems
christian jay sienkiewicz::::::::::::::"

i barely remember making it, when, or where.

Machine gun in her hand

It was raining in Milan right when we woke
red toyota that i didn't own / we couldn't get
the heater to work and her relief map nap it

A voice on the dial, "The rains getting thicker."
We passed through the alps in an avalanche
stance / they then closed the pass.

Heading towards swiss. I can't remember. Heading
towards Zurich still can't quite remember.

pretty weird. the other ones are weird too.
i guess i should work on 'new and selected poems vol. 2'
but i'm late for work