Monday, August 17, 2009

English Russia knows whats up,
Gawd damn I love that blog.
I went hiking out with Ross and saw
the smallest frog.
So much cuter than the toad,
though I'm not gunna hate.
I dream of that magic day, she
asks me on date.
We'll go to the movies and then I
just might drive home.
If I see Mr. Coyote, mouth all full of foam;
I'll pull over quick as can be and jump out of my car
and chase him with a tennis rack til we're both real far;
then I'll jump straight on to his back and punch him in the face;
and ask him what I should tell myself
with every step I take.
He won't answer but instead, bite me in the mouth,
through my jaw and through my lips,
I'll cry and start to crawl.
Why I can't I write lyrics like I write these stupid poems?
I bet the answer lies within,
Mr. Coyotes dripping (mouth) foam.

Finish Josh's Memo Book,
by the end of the week.
Eye doctor on friday, riding in the whip.
Then I'll finish Russel's book, you know..
Russel Brand.
Eat a lot of fresh clean fruit
drinking Coke out of a can.
Yeah and my core exercises,
I slacked off up north.
I was sunburned in Long Lake
chewing on a cork.
Yeah things feeling a-ok,
I guess I cleaned my room.
Made some magic
with Danny D
without eating shrooms.
But damn I gotta write them songs, tonight I failed through two.
Slowed down the beat 80 beats per measure
in my clean my bedroom.
Then it started feeling right,
deep thump echo guitar.
Singing through the thick and thin, I've already come this far.
I spread my wings like a big black crow,
shitting on your car.
I must find me one true love,
cuz she's not at the bar.