Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mike tyson vs. the jonas brothers vs. donkey kong
jennifer anniston vs. jerry sienfield vs. mario
benjermin franklin vs. ashton kutcher vs. toad
jessica rabbit vs. jim hanson vs. the ohio state buckeyes mascot

bucky or whatever his name is. buck-eroo.

listen to camera obscura.


there. um.
was. uh.

i almost forgot to take
out the garbage

to the corner.

I will play guitar

into my iMac from
1999 or was it 2000.


i think about cute dogs
walking around

the best way to expand your brain

walking around and doing
things you weren't planning on
or could
and leaving things
out of your hands

my friend said the funniest


i used to hate, yellow, and red.
now i am not that mad at red.

When I was floating in the river this black and red dragon fly kept on
landing on my shoulder. He was the best.
He really liked me.
I wonder if it was a boy or a girl actually.
And it's name.

I miss him/her already.
That was yesterday.

Now black and red is cool.

I try to hate green. Then I put on a green t-shirt and it is great.
I look at my green plans, I love them, and the trees.

So... green is nature time.

Nature time all the time.
Spinach is green too.

I used to sleep a lot as a kid
and I think I still do.
Most things you read don't make any sense.
You really have to think about it hard.

This is the worst poem ever.
It's not even a poem.

But the orange citrus tea fizzes foam at my mouth.
A mocha chocolate ice cream cookie sandwhich frozen in the freezer.
Mid-August breezes and shaking it off.
Dusting it off. A chinchilla in time.
She kept looking over her shoulder
at me, or someone right behind me with the same
eyes as me.

Or her and I had the same eyes.
And all day there were clouds in the sky.

do u know what it feels like to play to an empty audience?
i mean, a very small crowd?

it's pretty good
it's almost better
than tons of people
screaming and walking away
and drinking and screaming

when u play to just a few people, you laugh more
with them... not at them, and them not at you

people don't really walk away

i guess i am just playing to,
the smallest crowd ever
in my mind
all day
for the rest
of time

but that's kwl.



- sometimes i start to wonder

then squash it like a bug

there's no answer, good reason, or point

in wondering wut you can't explain, change, live without
live with, etc. etc.

that's all i try to remember, now.

i saw a electric eel
no i didn't

but what if i did?
what if it stung me?
how would i feel?

people clap in the audience
i need an applause
being sad is nothing to clap about

people clap in the audience
i was in a band once
we broke up i guess

foggy pennsilvania


who plays the same songs for 10 years?
and why would they
what are you, a rolling stone?
are the rolling stones even still rolling?
i heard they were
but they had a blood transfusion

once again, i'm missing the point
missing the kissing kittens in the dumpster
on the hottest day of the year
august what?
august sweater.
autumn sweater

the kid who cried for no reason
actually had a reason
he was sad.

international fun facts

#1: Nordic McDonalds are using a Danish Lantmän's Danpo produced chicken. Danpo slaughters chickens according to the correct Islamic manner, as the company's products are exported to many Arab and Muslim countries.

#2: Have any of you ever seen anyone over the age of 18 working at McDonald’s in Finland? I’m dead serious. I feel like asking those kids where their babysitter is.

But it doesn’t matter, the service at fast food joints in Finland is amazing, you always get some young, friendly, energetic teenager, who may not exactly love their job but take pride in their position and work very hard at it.

#3: Russia : Population: 140,702,096 (July 2008 est.)

#4: Oscar Swahn was 72 years old when he competed in the 1920 Olympic games and he won a silver medal in shooting. He was from Sweden.

#5: It is estimated there are more than 100 billion individual wild birds in the world. ...

Soap and a rope is awesome if you take a lot of showers. I think my sister through out my charcoal soap. Wait no, she says she didn't. WHERE IS IT???

Maybe watch these at the same time. I'm not sure?

if you want to be the victim
you can be the victim
of any crime
u desire
if that's what makes you happy
when you look in the mirror
or when you are trying to fall asleep
or when you are trying to have sex
got it?
ok kwl

i can't believe how stupid some people are
they should commit suicide
i know suicide jokes are bad,
but this isn't really a joke
or if it is, it's not funny


um, running with a skinny chocolate lab
i once had a chocolate lab
she died
i felt bad
and guilty
i didn't cry
but i could

stupid girls from stupid cities
talking stupid shit
hey "you're under educated and dumb"
go away
boys too, same rules apply
get a real job



lol omg wtf idk get away

this shirt sold for 207 dollars on MR. EBAY
i'm fucking serial
they are in the side links
they are awesome and give me
knowledge and information

this guy is crazy, he lives
in chicago
just like u


i need to find a good article
on how to build up my
running stamina.

i will do that tonight.

i'm so pissed off i could punch a mother fucker straight out.

let's record some free jazz,
i'll play drums

you play the shit-o-phone.

don't call me daughter.

when i move to ann arbor i want a nice house
a cool one that kids usually don't live in, off the beaten path
by the woods
i will make the basement for playing music and for having shows
however, the shows will be like, real mellow dance parties
or aucoustic/electronic ambient /folk shows. there will be kombucha brewed
year round.

if a girl wants to sleep over, i'm not sure how i will handle the situation.

i saw a black dude like that, but even lower handle bars, bigger bike, and there was a skull jaw on his bandana. outside of whole foods.

jimmy and i saw him and were were like OMG

he was the black punisher

i always wanted to go to an ivy college.

i was very proud when i got into school of the art institute of chicago.
i road my bike up and down the lakeshore bike path all day and rolled around on the rocks, the grass, and in the water. on the beach too. onetime i went there on halloween all alone.

then i got into cranbrook, which is almost ivy.
i was happy. however.
now it's time for something new.

i think teaching at U of M would be great.
i went to ann arbor yesterday, and it was beautiful.
every dog was cute.
every other girl was heartbreakingly cute.
the food was good.
i went to the record store and it was a mess but there was so much good stuff.
i got to relive the late 90's electronic scene while flipping through the used.
i found a record, and cd, exactly what i was looking for and it was so excited.
i asked the man if they had and indie rock section and he said, "NO".

then he was yelling at the other employee. the other employee was a terrible bearded hipster retard looking guy. it's so neat how american apparel made nerd asses cool, or something.

he said "LISTEN MAN... if anyone brings in any more CHAIN AND THE GANG, ... DON'T FUCKING BUY IT"

hhaha. i said.

we went swimming in the river.

i used to go to this park in nyc
it's at the end of the bridge so i am always like breathing heavy from flying down the bridge
i think of tricks to do there
i hurt my feet there
bike riding there is fun
but i want to ride my bmx bike there
i never had my freestyle bmx bike in nyc
i bought this old school dyno and then sold it
back to the guy i bought it for
for 20 dollars

it was an interesting summer
but i wouldn't want to do it again