Saturday, August 08, 2009

What are you doing?
singing to yourself?
who are you singing to?
why are u making this song?
who are you making it for?
what are you doing?

it doesn't matter. you don't care. apples aren't really
that good. that's why there are a bunch of rotten ones
in the fridge.

it's so hard being so much smarter than everyone around you.

"hands up baby"

credit goes out to where it's due.

i fell knee deep in the swamp once.

and once through the ice.

more than once, what am i talking about?

uncountable times.

i should put a few more ice cubes in this glass of water, i'll be right back, one second. don't fuck with me, or push me. i'm very close to the edge.

ok i'm back.

now i gotta ask, how can i be falling in love with you?

oh wait, i can't be.
i'm not.
no one.
no love here.
i don't even care.
everyone annoys the hell out of me.
except a few people.
i'd rather sit at home alone, go jogging,
or ride my bike in the dark.

sorry dude.
it's true.

i have so much magic in my pocket.
and so much hate for
so and so

beach time, in my mind
me and the major

i have had a bad headache all day long
just like, thursday?
dehydration is a killer.
if only i could join the military.

gesh, i can't do anything with a headache.
man. boy. man oh man, boy.

what a terrible saturday. hmmm. opps.
hmmm. opps. blah blah blah.

i can't even write poems with a headache.
doobie doobie doo. blah blah blah.

i saw a bird outside.
in the park. i was in the park, watching the river
rush by.
it rained all day so the water was high.

it was not a yellow-headed blackbird.
but guess what guys?
i'm too lazy to go get the field guide.
you heard me.

the galaxie 500