Thursday, August 06, 2009

this is one of the coolest pictures i've ever seen.
wut do you think is going on in it?
i have no idea, that's why i asked u.
i thought there was dog shit on the carpet, but it
was broken up blue tortilla chips. my brother is a slob,
i think we have a problem.

eric payed me back for buying
him a drink with 3 silver dollar coins.
the drink he bought was $3.99, but u know what,
i'd rather have 3 silver dollar coins than
$3.99 in current currency.

silver dollars are awesome.
if you threw on at someone it would totally hurt.

i drank so much vernors, now i'm drinking
canada dry.

i keep on forgetting about my plan to move to canada.

i wonder if i moved to canada if i would miss america.

i wonder if i would feel as safe at night without the U.S. Military on my side?

this is pretty upsetting.

haha. i should go to sleep.

one time i was talking to my friend,
i forget what i was saying to him, but he
said "oh shut up already. stop feeling sorry
for yourself."

i think i paused for a minute. and then, i was like
"JK LOL". but boy did he make a good point, shut the fuck
up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.


i should go to sleep.