Tuesday, August 04, 2009

isobell campbell and the american dream,
plz don't eat my watermellon....
the oldest man to win wimbeldon, was 41 years old...
...i am not the kid i was last week
...1999 is here to stay, and i'm still 17
ten year cycle
........full moon on thursday
police hilacopter and windy courts
playing next to the bickering couple
and the old man only smiled and didn't say a word
puma socks, melatonin, detox tea, and a hot hot bath
into slumber..
////////////////// why is this happening to you you're not a child?
puma socks, an orange and white sleeveless atheletic shirt,
white sweatband, right wrist..... the one i broke, snowboarding
in a town so small, there's nothing left to do
black adidas climaLite visor.
melatonin, slazenger balls

time to wake up earlier.
God invented coffee for us.
he's so nice.
i saw your eyes
they were blue things, green
no green. hazel green, no blue.

is for you to feel something.

if you want me look me up.

if you want me all you gotta do
is ask a thousand questions.

the total reward price for wimbledon 2009
was over $ 21,000,000