Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm going to get the adidas logo tattoo'd on me
and then i'm going to finally meet mr. adidas
and he is going to be a total fucking asshole
and i'm going to run home crying and try
to scrape the tattoo off with a toothbrush

this isn't a poem or a joke, this is serial.


if i die tonight
if i die tonight in the bathtub
don't tell my mom





- uh oh




I HOPE I DON'T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



^^^ SK8 OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! O-\-<]: <---SK8TERBOY14
onetime i was talking to jamal on aim and he said "i'm in austria, we're djing here," and i was like "omg that's awesome," and then he was like "we're going to paris" and i was like "no way,"

and then he said, "i can't really sleep"
and then he was like,
"i'm going to take these sleeping pills"
and i was like


i'm serious, this isn't a poem.
this happened to me.

but jamal is a-ok

no joke

i was in the park playing tennis and this nice black man came up and said
something to his white girlfriend, (i'm not racist, i'm just describing the situation to you, it was also dusk) i'm not sure what he was saying but he
was pointing to the ducks and he said, "those, those chickens!"

he called the ducks chickens!!!!!!!!! ahha. i was so quietly laughing.
i forgot to tell eric.

leave me alone.

i'm going to buy this piece of shit, write songs, then play them while it's recording them onto tape cassettes i bought at the salvation army you asshole. if you encounter any problems, please contact the web administrator. thank you for your time.
i just want my life to be like a belle and sebastian song
so that's what i did
you're going to have to deal with it
and so am i

(((((1 thought))))))

Pedal my bike, through the dark
fixate on this mako shark
in my mind, not on tv
you piece of shit, i can't believe.

in so deep i still can't sleep
the promise that i'll still keep
99 meets summer 07
break right into the vault of heaven
i got dreams, attainable
all of them explainable
but my mouths off, and i'm on mute
because i got a long commute
u do ur yours, i'll do my thang
we'll see who gets a wedding ring
just make sure you get off my back
or like cement, your skull will crack