Friday, July 31, 2009

((((((the lil owl in hell)))))

There's an owl in Hell,
but it's not what he wanted.
wide eyed all night /
his tiny brain haunted.

he looks to the west,
he looks to the east,
nobody's there,
he looks at his feet

he talks to himself,
a few quiet hoots
theres no doubt about it
a few feathers loose

he clings to the tree,
cuz tonight it's his home
the lil wise owl,
just might die alone.

this is the dirty LES i'm talking about
it looks just like the backyard of me
and matt porters old apt.
in detroit.
pretty cool.
on the radio i heard someone say,
"flint, (mi) is about the equivelent of 16 bullets
and one casket."
i thought about it, and that doesn't really make sense.
16 bullets? one caskett?
i dunno he sounded pretty retarded anyways.
then on twitter this girl said,
"i just heard someone compare detroit to a tiolet with
some turds floating around in it.. haha, awesome!"
and i was like, "that's racist!"
what i should've said was like, "that's not awesome, that's racist u retard...
more like, detroit is the equivelent to a tiolet bowl with a few turds floating around
alongside a few white chunks of god knows what shit. (aka; YOU)."
but the last fucking thing i need is more
oh man
pretzels, olives, cheese, milk.
sleepings pills,
and hoping they'll
kick in.

i dunno why i feel so much better today
than yesterday
maybe cuz
i quit caring
about lil miss and mr. bullshit,
and all there relatives,
that make up

things i learned today:
1. don't throw the busted louis vitton purse in the garbage gurl, take it home and fix it! b beyonce til it breaks again!*
2. sometimes retards shit on the floor, and there's nothing you can do about it
3. if someone calls u on the phone, and they are screaming at you, pause and respond very calmly "wut do you want little girl?"... then when they start screaming again... pause.. and say very calmly and nicely "wut do you want lil chicken wing?"*
4. making pancakes is more fun than watching a shitty band
5. sleeping pills are my new party drug, and my new party involves staying home, instead of going to the stupid fucking party.
* shots out to my 20 year old homegirl with a baby doing community service with me. your super cute. i see u. omg then i heard this song on the radio

put a rat in the road and run him over
he might run away before you can smash him

onetime i came out of this bar in LES, NYC.
i was all fucked up. i was in the shitty weird area that looks like it hasn't changed since LES was all smashed shitty in like, 1979 or wutever.
i saw this rat,
and i started chasing it,
i fucking caught it,
i stepped on it's tail.
i was so proud!
there was a doorman outside a hotel and i said, "I JUST CAUGHT A RAT!" and he was like "YOU DID? WOW!!" he was foreign and he was impressed by my skills.
but as i looked closer,
i realized,
it's skin was half gone
and it was obviously dying.
some sick disease.
nasty lil sewer rat.
i was bummed, so i let him go,
and he ran into the shit cover and broken sewer drain in crumbling concrete.
then i went into the nastiest subway station in manhattan.
it looks like people
just took those mustard and ketchup bottles
from the coney island
and sprayed them all over the walls.
(sometimes i would press my face up against the glass on the window of the train so i could cut out the reflection and look for underground graffiti. the dirtiest nastiest shit. i saw on of barry mcgee'z tags and some other shit. u gotta be insane to go down there. so much dirt!)
the real super
dirty escalator
was amazing aswell and also too.
still haven't had a day
as fun as that,
even though
i'm pretty sure
i got on the wrong train