Thursday, July 23, 2009

where did all the cowboys go?

the wire stuck in my finger

everyone was talking about a tv show
i have no idea where i am

i plug it in and turn it on
and turn it off and move it around

i was in the bathroom trying to think of lyrics
"my mind is like a bucket (these days) a barrel of fish
and i'm trying to shoot em."
or is your mind the bucket? or are they the fish?
who knows.
dead poetry
for dead punk rockers
smackers jackers

put on your headphones
and shut the fuck up.

boo, humans.
the dancing robot danced so hard.
he danced his ass off.
i saw him smash his head through the door.
he splashed the dance and smashed his
in the door.
it was a see you later escalator,
running backwards on the escalator.
i'll see u later escalator.
choke and stab the