Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i'm never sitting in gum again.

my collection of adidas running shorts is growing, just like the grass,
and the trees, and the bees knees... cuz it finally rained.

something changed.

i must've smashed two bottles of beer on my head in erics garage.
he screamed at me.

this guy was doing push ups. i organized all the records, filthy little hands, so fun to wash. i found a handful of good ones, some with nice art, the SHAFT soundtrack, early Bill Cosby, Salt and Pepper, Men at Work. Two nice tennis rackets.
i want a new watch
i saw this new watch
i wonder if its still there
im excited to save money
excited to get a job
ill put on the watch
and go to work
i organized everything my day just wondered. i was so late.
i was so good.

"bordom leads to bad things" he said. he knew what he was talking about
--------------------he was in adult rehabilitation

imagine kicking someone in the face with soccer shoes on?

i love you so much, but you
don't have to sing like chan marshall
i love yous o much, but you
don't have to sing like cat power

dude my spine is killing me
i can't wait to run to work
i can't wait to wear a watch to work
and my first paycheck

my back hurts so bad i could throw up
i can't wait to go to sleep
sleep like a baby, wake up a child
the grass grows green when it rains from the sky
tomarrow, thunderstorms and rain
and thunder in
our hearts

i took a serious nap
but i'm sleeping less
these days
it's not the cousin of death
like they say
either way