Monday, July 20, 2009

a perfect excuse to antique an endtable, lesson number 2
hot pink running shorts, vitamins, and shitloads of love

in my life
why do i give valuable time
at people who i'd much rather spit fire in their eyes?
mother nature and God.. (who are secretly married)
lets count///////////////////////////////////////////////// dumb are you? one two ten....................
the noise from hell///
u heard .. in yr
those music dudes from europe, who used to be like, pretty decent
and now just sound like total shit
if nobody would've told them they were decent
why didn't they just quit and change their names
put out a tape
i'm only kidding (which means I'M NOT)
and those fucking dudes
who could never fucking sing in the first place
from the east coast
that sucked so fucking bad
and all the dumb fucking kids
went running
and fuck!
they sold out a show
how does it feel for your brain to be garbage?
slush. moving slush! slush puppy.
that cute lil slush puppy brain of yours moving around town
up and down all around.

i want the fucking birthday present back i gave u
i just had the urge to give
and i gave to the wrong person
cuz no-one else
was to be found.


if u could only read this!


two kids and one cute dog.
not mad at the boy at all.
the girl in heather gray sweatshirt
where was i going?
i had an end table in the back of the car
i had a chair i have to repolster
gotta get that fabric / adidas running shorts from above
soft and perfect
running like the wind
running like the wind
pink ipod
i mean ishuffle
i'd fucking kill you
the end table is in my room the alarm is set
the girl looked at me, hair so tassled
the boy looked around
two lovers in the cemetary, jumping the fence out
they wanted to jump the fence
the boy looked around
the girl looked at me
they weren't smiling and they weren't frowning
i watered the tree in the front of the lawn
at 11:11 P.M.
the dead leaves fell off it needed water.
where is my autumn?
where is my fall?
i think it's better to water plants at night so they can sleep comfortable.
in the day time, the water evaporates.. they get all hot, the sun warms up the water. where is my winter?
where is my ice?
///////////// lets drive to greenland
lets move to greenland
lets get a dog
lets drive to greenland 2010
they might have been smiling
we'll move to greenland
"let's jump the fence"
we'll move to greenland
she'd have to pick up the dog
he was read to jump
we've got people to kill in our dreams first
only 6 more months, and we'll move to iceland
and i'm ready for bed..
swimming in greenland
and i love you all
a hot spring in iceland
i'll pray for you
a cute dog in greenland
if you pray for me


everything dies

but thats actually