Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Should I start using puncuation. a real human?
I can't spell. I only speak one language, and not so well.
Wheren't you into avacodos?
til you ate a rotten one.
with a maggot in it.
now you're not even vegetarian.
everyone wants a 5$ buger.. when children and dying.
everyone wants to sing a song bout nothing at all, maybe
just their personal emotions, which is, in fact, nothing at all,
just bullshit brain chemistry doing stupid things and mixing with trends.
everyone wants to sing these songs while children get raped and buried alive,
not to many miles down the road, that's on fire, and built on corruption.

sometimes it seems to me the most only artist move you could make that would be worth anyting at all would be not making art ever again. cutting all your friends off, sans about 3 or 4 of them. and then the one who pops up out of no-where who you never even really considered a friend, but just realized this person was pretty cool and an honest person. that's how it works. that's why this poem is as same as the last, and the one before it. just simple different word combinations.

i could start spelling things properly, pump up my vocabulary, go experience new things, and write about them......... but

don't you think it's kinda stupid, when someone like, goes on a trip to "california" and they are like "the sky was beautiful, the ocean crashed against the rock. i met a girl named diamond retard. she kissed me. i knew i would never see her again. it was magical under the rainbow of time..."

and then they go back to their normal life, and they are depressed and they don't write shit? remember 9/11? remember 9/11? how did you feel? what did you feel? i didn't have a phone. i didn't have any friends. i lived alone. i went home. school was closed. i sat in my room and i looked across it, at a picture, that wasn't mine, covered in dust, like, maybe a dead lady bug or something.
Gasoline tanker explodes on I-75 north of Detroit.......

43 minutes ago

HAZEL PARK, Mich. — Flames are shooting hundreds of feet in the air from a gasoline tanker explosion that has forced the shutdown of an interstate north of Detroit.

Radio station WWJ-AM reports that an overpass at the crash site collapsed after the tanker and a tractor-trailer collided about 8:30 p.m. The station says several other vehicles may have been involved in the crash..........

A Hazel Park Fire Department dispatcher says he cannot immediately provide details.

Witnesses say flames and black, billowing plumes of smoke are reaching 150 to 200 feet into the air. WWJ reports gas that has reached sewers along the freeway has caught fire.

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i would love to bake some muffins

i'm listening to an record on the internet.
theres a song called "9/11 2"... he says "the future is gone and the past won't stop happening... being the center of everything to me just wasn't enough for you."

sometimes all i can fucking do is look to the moon;
"Eclipse always herald in a new era for everyone. Eclipses have been viewed as bad omens since ancient times. Do not lead yourself to believe that something terrible will happen. Eclipses are catalysts for transformation and can lead to a crisis in ones life. This is why they are referred to as the “wild cards” of the zodiac. Look at any crisis as a crossroads, for you will be letting go of something so that a new chapter can unfold. An eclipse is a new or full moon, but they carry a triple power rating compared to our monthly lunar cycles."

How many people die each day in Africa?


one in every 60 seconds..........


i found this on the internet

there's only one girl i care about hearing back from
........ and either way,
it doesn't matter.
there's small handful of dudes,
i consider friends. it's about 7 give or take.
atleast half of them don't live around here anymore.
but wait, 7 isn't an even number.
so who knows what the fuck i'm talking about.
i just don't want to leave anyone out.
here i am.
here i am, i have two arms.
hey, here i am, i have two eyes.
1 heart, one liver.
one stomach.
two legs.
look, i've been running.
look, playing lots of tennis.
hey look, yeah.
who the fuck am i talking to?
these people in africa
everyone's dying over there
it's awful people just scream all day long
south america, who fucking knows
people freeze their asses off up north
trying to like, hit a seal over the head with a baseball bat
what the fuck are we doing?
we don't do shit
i'm happy when i write a stupid song that nobody will fucking hear
some asshole takes a picture and hangs it on the wall or in a gallery
or some rich asshole puts it in a magazine or book and then they
sell it on the internet and assholes buy it and put it on their coffee
tables cuz they got good jobs, and everyone gets paid, and a lot of them
even get laid, but the sex they have is boring as fuck
meanwhile women are getting raped and their daughters too at gunpoint
across the ocean.