Sunday, July 12, 2009

yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 1 good unique weekend

i said no way! she held me in her arms. we kissed. i called her my girlfriend. i was climbing through the window. the gray cat was so cute, last night was fun too...

someone put me in the back of the broken down white convertable with the top down. it was just fun. i was laying in the back seat and someone gave me an american flag. i waved it around we slept there, it was funny. i walked around in the morning. then they found my phone. what cool people. it was neat. i found this weird sewer reservoir thing i had never seen. it looked dangerous, like the LA river, but nice and peaceful. it had green algea and the water was beautiful.

this week, i have to
mail that mail
pay those bills
organize that unorganized
// finish those tracks
//// send them out
record that vocals ///
/// play mad tennis
/// run like hell ///
lift those weights ///
// pimp that room
///gs, work on those paintings,
get a hold of so and so /////////////////
kiss the style and bless the lord
/////////////////////// freedom is not free

i'll talk to u tomarrow...........
xoxooxoxo sweetest dreams...
//////// it's all
/// handnd.

... wut was her name? (hi peterson)