Tuesday, July 07, 2009

awesome wallpaper

i found mr. secrete tennis court
it was magic just like i hoped
i dodged the cops on creep //
and smoked a couple smokes
/////i have a headache once again
but babydoll wuts new
i can't wait to go upstairs
and re-arrange my room

its cool
i saw a green
grass hill
its kwl
i saw it all
the moon
the setting sun
and even the sky
its holiday season all the
time when you have the right


i guess


i'm going shopping
all my dreams will come true
all my dreams did come true
all your dreams will come true

but now... i have a bunch of other dreams

everyone would be like "that band rocks, donkey kong is in the band"
///// oh dont you have a captain planet and captain america and a captain kangaroo outfit it yr closet .
oh man, well i love all three of them but i think donkey kong would more fit the band
plus you would do a great job dancing just like him
i'm super excited to go to target
i've heard so many great things about it
when i drink too much coffee ..
.. last time i went there i was depressed
.... now i feel better, it should be good
wut should i wear?

"Thanks Chrissy! I appreciate the compliment. it's especially meaningful coming from such a representative of today's youth -or whatever you are."

hey, do you have a donkey kong outfit?
no i do not so i was wondering if you would
like to dress up as donkey kong at the next show
//// ha ha ha . i was joking why would i have a donkey kong outfit
i thought you were donkey kong for halloween one year

i can't wait for winter i can't wait for fall i can't wait for winter i can't wait for fall i can't wait for winter i can't wait for fall i'm going shopping / but not at the mall / i'll see wut i can find and i'll buy it maybe things all over driving looking seeing / green short grass fields hills trees things sculpture park.