Saturday, July 04, 2009

/////////// if i dont throw up to nite
(+ has wants and can bees) ///////////

three kids running in the dark
under a light
in warm weather
by the tree
by the cemetary
three kids walking in the woods
sharing laughs
laughing loud
skip rocks
smashing branches
and fire hurts
racist jokes
and tons of fun
waking up on the wrong side of the bed
and a bad game of tennis
and comedy///////////
instant comedy
and shopping for nothing
and an herbal supliment from sweden w/ luv
and a new headphones////////
and white pants
and new hot tracks//////////
that make u dance
i luv michigan
i truly dew
my friends r kwl
and so r u!!!!!!!!!!!//
a friend of mine was angry with me
because my drinking was out of hand

so we talked about it over a few beers

i forget the conclusion we came to
cuz i drank too many

but i remember he gave me a big huge
and we're cool again

and i woke up very happy.