Wednesday, July 01, 2009

too much cayenne pepper for one day
is this bbc radio dj retarded?
enough enough.

i will drink this milk.
and go to sleep.
i don't want to.
put back on my sheets.

throwing up
pepper powder.

call the cops.

time to switch my laundry. tomarrow i will find my knife
. clean sheets and clothes.
running shoes.

music - dance and electronic types of music

i ran around for a couple hours in the rain
it was cool

(a 1 sentence poem)

Not going back to jail
either die trying or
... live for a while
pick up my gun and keep fighting
cloudy and drizzly all week
... u would think there
was a hurrican somewhere?
nostradamus was a fool
wormwood drinking fool.........
... i pray ...
/// there's reality deep in the mess
the grass and green and the trees
will grow thick
// endless summer
melted ice caps
/// unfrozen