Monday, June 29, 2009

it was a monday
it was painful
i hated it
tomarrow will be better
i'm going to sleep
for a very long time
i'm nervous
tomarrow will be the best day ever
i'm going to pray until i fall a sleep
i don't care what you say
the world can be a better place.

i was riding my bike
no breaks
and then i crashed
into poison oak
it hurt so bad it stings
it was all downhill from there
but now i am recovering
i'm lucky to be alive
and i want to right my wrongs

hold my hand we'll go to heaven together

clean the car, shampoo the carpet
clean my carpet, go to ikea?
get a hold of dan, run jog
go to whole foods before noon?
quit drinking coffee?
only one cup in the evening
throw it all away
clean out the garage
list of things to do

and ask for forgiveness
and help

take no prisoners

it's hammering time

i don't want to die

i am loosing my vision
and my face hurts
it's summer!
time to escape
i'm probably going to die soon

she obviously has magical powers
what is it worth

pretty fucking funny dude

north carolina or what

that would be tight

i need a new surfboard

you've got to be kidding me
yes i am insane
but you're not my friend
i want to erase it all
i hate it