Monday, June 22, 2009

the stupid care bear cheer
he didn't care
don't fuck with donald duck

or fuck donald duck!
natzi fuck

support MY troop

oh man, it's the fucking benadryl bear

i have no idea what the fuck is going on here

fountain frockling omg wtf am i doing here?


sawing off the deers horn

raw deer don't care

/ sea puddle

beating a bear with a baseball bat

out of this world

nothing could make me sleep

fountain foam bathing

15 years and up

fail me


the benadryl bear says no

tomarrow is trash day

throw it the fuck out

why on earth do i keep this finely crafted
sharp as fuck Finnish knife on my bedside?

i don't even know how to use my new phone
but eric can call me on it and i can him
which is all i fucking needed. "i'm not moving til i have some money saved up"
"i know" - "then get a job and get out"
"i got a job"
"oh ok ok ok"
fucking sissors look like shit

how many windows can i open at once?
number 9
wtf was that beatles song about anyways
british accent = "number 9". fuck that song

it was good.

i've gone so badshit crazy it's genious
i don't feel a thing!
and ifeel great

i knew i'd end up in jail
thankful it was such a short time

i never thought i'd end up like this
but this is so much better than i thought
it's not scary i'm not scared!
though i'm scary
say no

i never thought i'd end up so batshit crazy it's genius
i have a dictionary built into my computer
does not look like how it should

i can't believe the benadryl bear gave me the time of day
i'm about to piss my pants
i'll wash my face while
i'm at it.

Randomize all the songs in my featured playlist when users visit my Artist profile.

beat the summer blues with an epsom salt bath
down on all fours looking under the bed
great fucking job you pink pirate faced fuck
see u tomarrow, i wish u good luck!

baltic disaster
a true nordic spill
it's ill

i'm white
and i'm right.
i made it this far

good nites mr. benadryl bear
tomarrow we might
win da race!

::::::eyes wide::::::::::


u live in the past,
gambit and gummi worms

in a good way

fuck yeah this looks like fun
what was i thinking
my face hurts
coffee city usa midwest

they did a study, the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country
lots in the southern midwest, cinncinatti was number one
but 4 were in chicago which is what i always thought man.......
..........i'll never forget the thumbnail of the man
who jacked me there.
fuck that guy.................
........fuck this place.......... fuck you......... googly goo!!!!!!!!!!

oh shit busted

"I thought the same thing - I'm not gonna let this ruin my summer, I'm
getting forty dollars out!!! theres a dude riding the ledges / stairs
in that one picture, ha. some dude at Dick's Den spilled red wine on
my white pants, I was letting it soak in and he's like "he's trying to
get us to pick up his dry cleaning bill!"... I tried to find some
ladies cat too for like 2 seconds, I was really just trying to have
sex with her she looked like a porn star. I made an instalation at the
skateshop in the showcase with like old "to do" lists, photographs,
bike pedals and parts stickers drawings etc. You probably looked funny
jumping the curbs, you are an idiot. I rode my Huffy the other night I
smoked a bong and realized it is really good for barspins so I rode
around all night doing barspins on it and got stuck in the super rain
storm so I got another number one at McDonald's and did some skids in
the rain with the coaster brake. I'm gonna get a new nut for the stem
5:32 P.M /
i have a new
cell phone (same number)
+++++++++++++++++ disco nap without the disco.
carbonated water.
high fructose corn syrup.
and a beautiful donkey.

coca cola - yum!
the piss of the drink.
pills like candy
and fuck that dude.
the girl is garbage.
a carriage ride into hell.
that sweet green
smell of summer

tthere's this new place
aalways in the winter.
aalways there.
aalways here.

ii can't plug my ears

sand eyesdunes and post-funeral fun.
yyep. tthat's what we got.
Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up Shut up shut up shut up. ggoogly fucking boogly goo. ggoo gah gah gah gah goo goo goo?

bunnyhopping cement grass and garbage. Honk honk went the honkie.

things to do today:
- erase the list i just wrote

thigns to do this week:
- who gives a fuck