Saturday, June 20, 2009

check out all those rats
i can't stop i can't start
feverfew gotu kola
borders blah blah blah
no i don't want your cologne
yes i want to die
no i want to live
surprise surprise
steven's back!
i can't leave the state without asking je.sse
jess.e up in bad .a.xe ye.ah yeah yeah
total par.ty time
i can't wait to
fly around town
bmx tonight
music in my bedroom
coca-cola germs blue boo blue boo
i'll draw a ghost i'll paint a ghost
i'll make a thing i'll take a thing i'll take a picture
i'll make this thing i'll take this thing i'll make this picture move
i'll dance around in my room i'll take a picture photobooth i can't
wait i can't wait ikea ikea yes yes no no no no no i don't want to go to
your party i can't go to your party i have depression i am depressed
i am happy endless happy endlessly happy take a shower
put on my body glove pants yeah check the time fuck i hate this omg
look at that magic can i do it in two hours i never wanna go to sleep
all i do is sleep sometimes i feel like all i do is sleep and have bad dreams
no i'm not mark gonzales i'm not crazy i'm not tom cruise
i'm not brad pitt i'm not autistic or artist i'm no dysletic or epileptic
i hate james joyce, i hate james faulkner, hernry miller, fuck em, jack karouac
whatever, boring. all that shit is boring. e.e. cummings is old and gross.
gwendlyn brooks only wrote one good poem. nobody writes shit anymore.
except peterson and steven. peterson and steven are the only people who can
write a god damn word that is worth reading no no no hee hee hee hee here
comes my dad i better run me and eric we'll cut down that huge tree oh oh oh
take a a bath punch myself in the tooth cut my teeth hee hee hee
ghosts of foxes
ghosts in time
blah blah
blah blah


cool cool cool cool
i have a headache
i have a skateboard
i have a bmx bike i am out of my head